The Magnet Called Souna Ghassan

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There’s just something truly encapsulating and yet so enigmatic about her, it’s difficult to pinpoint what it is. When she walks, she walks with her head held high, owning the place wherever she goes. When she talks, she speaks with such poise and credence…somewhere in the deeper roots of your subconscious mind, you wish you had possessed that quality. That quality of being a magnet. A magnet that compels people as the audience, to be hooked on everything you want to share. Ranging from how you started out to how much you’ve accomplished. This is what I perceive Souna Ghassan to be : A magnet that has been designed to compel, create and inspire. 

Having amassed a significant fan-following, both on TikTok and Instagram, thanks to her unique online presence and interactions, Souna Ghassan is also a businesswoman who is ready to conquer. So, how did she make it? And what makes her unique? Be sure to keep a pen and paper in handy, as she details her journey towards success.

Already inspired? I don’t blame you! 

Q.1 Being a prominent figure in the media, in your own words…what does “Influence” mean to you? 

Ans. In my opinion, ‘Influence’ is the power and ability to have an effect on people , and possessing the capacity to convince them by your thoughts and lifestyle in an indirect way. That’s what the power of influence means to me. 

Q.2 You have amassed a significant fan base both; on TikTok and Instagram. You have an interesting way of interacting with your audience. What is it that you do differently, in comparison to other social media influencers? What makes you unique? 

Ans. I personally believe that spontaneity  and passion are the main reasons as far as my character and presenting myself on social media is concerned. This helps me in not only attracting the audience with my creativity in relation to what I do or post, but the way I interact and connect with them. I’m real and true to myself. 

Q.3 There’s a lot more to being an Influencer than what it usually meets the eye, since influencers bring about a unique sense of creativity in terms of strategic planning and audience engagement. What are some of the misconceptions you would like to break, especially for the ones who have less information about influencers? 

Ans. Mainly, the most common misconception  about influencers, would be that people assume its about all about looking beautiful, fashionable and stylish. They often associate beauty with success based on the amount of likes one gets. But honestly, there’s so much more to that. Influencers, especially women are successful based on what they have accomplished and bey being an active participant in activities that exist for a good cause. It can range from being involved in charitable organizations or collaborating with companies that help in giving back to society. Even musicians or actors are influencers too. It’s all about the way you present yourself positively in the media. As a businesswoman myself, I worked hard to achieve this purpose and to say that a woman can be all of these together, means something to me. My success took place organically and I’m proud of it. 

Q.4 Here’s something I’d like to know. How would you foster cohesion within a large audience? 

Ans. I’d like to say it is thanks to the support and encouragement we get from our followers and audience. I believe they are the driving force and the power they give when we do something unique, it amazes them and further leads them into believing that they too can achieve their desired goals. You inspire people based on what you have done. Your work and accomplishments speak volumes. The reactions I get (or any influencer for that matter) motivate me to work harder and continue achieving success. 

Q.5 In your own words, what are some of the skills that you feel a social media influencer would need to possess? What makes a good social media influencer? 

Ans.  As mentioned earlier, I firmly believe that passion, creativity and the ability to be a real  influencer in social media is to be different and provide a special and smart content to attract people who’d love to follow you. Don’t do it with the intention of becoming famous as that will blind you from following your true passions. A lot of what you see on media are just numbers, which sort of blindsides people into thinking if they upload something that they feel is good, they will become famous overnight. Sadly, that’s not how it works. If you want to hook, inspire or create a difference, do it with the right intentions and know what you want. Do you want to make people laugh by uploading short skits on Instagram or TikTok? Do you want to write short stories that will keep your audience suspenseful and make them revisit your page for more? Incentives like this are proven to be helpful in cultivating your base and knowing what you want to achieve as an influencer. 

Q.6 Apart from being an influencer, you are also affiliated with established businesses, such as Clear It UAE, LetsVapeDubai and The Agency UAE. What are some of the core elements that these established companies stand by? What makes them intriguing? 

Ans. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by a team of creative professionals, who helped grow my business. It is thanks to the opportunities, building meaningful connections and the credibility, that we were able to achieve our desired benchmarks which further helped in successfully growing our business in the U.A.E within such a short time. I’m forever grateful. 

Q.7 Last but not the least, are there any exciting projects you are working on and would like to share with the magazine? What should the readers expect?

Ans.  Actually after we opened Clear It Qatar in Doha, I’m thankful to have received many offers from several countries, even in India, but due to some of the commitments I had made previously, it’s a little challenging. However, I’m always flexible with my time for any good offers regarding business. 

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