A one-of-a kind magazine that isn’t a stop along the way, but your ultimate go-to destination where we bring untold narratives to life, and talents re-defined.

committed to crafting to highest standards where we unveil one’s creative visions, it among us to ensure that your ideas are made to be heard, stories made to be seen and your persona made to shine. While your adroit sophistication is paramount, we dissect and select your trailblazing foresights with refinement and proficiency in mind. Tell us what your narrative is, and we’ll do what we do best: deliver. The Victor Magazine is an Emirati fashion magazine where talents from all walks of life are highlighted front-page. When focusing on the metrics, we tend to miss out on the stories behind them.
For a second, take off your critical hat just for a moment and you will realize that the story of your life and the captivating journey that comes with it, is definitely worth a look. Having cultivated a superior expertise in developing simple thoughts into ideas and watching them transpire into a spellbinding reality and curating one-of-a-kind narratives with an artistic twist, We are a publication and a home of all talents that brings you the must-know happenings in fashion, beauty, society, business and the latest lifestyle trends.
Comprehending the underlying significance of having an audience who not only listen or read, but connect with the vision of the magazine, this is where we come in and find the potency in our strategies to make it happen. From concept to creation, whatever your requirements are, The Victor Magazine operates as an extension in both: in print and online. Not to mention…your reality.
Established on the prime, golden shores of Dubai, The Victor Magazine has cultivated a loyal readership in targeting and connecting individuals coming from all walks of life in the Middle East.


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