Disconnect to Reconnect

Have you ever had a burnout?

Working in a fast paced and highly competitive environment can both be very demanding and exhilarating. Tight schedules and deadlines, A+ performance expectations and overwhelming workloads are just pretty normal in the cosmopolitan.

It is with no doubt that most of us want to be better than we were yesterday and we aim to prove to ourselves our strengths and that we are capable of achieving our goals and dreams. However, some people push themselves a little harder than everybody else. The feeling of accomplishing tasks and reaping your rewards are priceless but the feeling of being uninterested and detached from the things you loved to do before is devastating.

Taking the time to disconnect in order to spark a reconnection with ourselves is important so here are some insights that you can consider.

Disconnect from technology
Constant connectivity and information overload brought about by technology contribute to burnout. With the ever progressing features of technology today, distractions can be everywhere, including social media. You can take a social media detox for the meantime and get back when you are ready to reconnect digitally. Our energy reserves should be replenished and this is only attainable if we are not available 24/7.

Connect with mindfulness
We often hear people say that we should live in the present. Too many people have been overthinking about how to undo the past and have anxiety on what the future will be. We cannot change the past anymore, unless you have a time traveling machine, and we should let tomorrow take care of itself. Be in the now. Enjoy the present moment. Try to engage in meditation to clear your mind or immerse yourself in nature. Spend time outdoors and connect with the world.

Disconnect from stress by practicing self-care
Self-care is self-love. It is true that we may forget to take care of ourselves especially when we are bombarded with workloads that just don’t seem to end. Stress can be very evident in our face and it will have further effects on our health. Taking time for self-care should be a part of one’s daily routine. Take care of your skin, eat that healthy fruit, stretch your arms, do anything that would make you feel good. When you feel good, you look good. Eventually, you will feel like you’re a whole new person ready to conquer the world again.

Connect with loved ones
With the busy lifestyle people in the metropolis have, connecting with loved ones can truly be a refreshing moment. Getting in touch with friends, family members or even your cute little pet can bring you calmness and joy that your pile of papers in the office can never give.

Being over productive can be challenging and rewarding but overdoing things can lead to burnout. Remember to take your time to fully recover and avoid being too hard on yourself. Take some time to self-reflect and acknowledge yourself for all that you have accomplished. Although the road may still be long, remind yourself that you are halfway there.

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