4 products Beauty PROS are obsessed with (and you should be too!)

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We’re officially near the holiday season! The year is almost over and the Beauty PROS at Beauty Tribe have listed the top 5 most-favorite beauty products of 2022. Before we get into the goods, let’s talk about Beauty Tribe and why it should be go-to-Everything-Beauty-Platform. 

Beauty Tribe is the region’s only online beauty store, where the products are hand-picked by a team of salon experts that work in the region’s top destinations including Sisters Beauty Lounge, 1847, Trevor Sorbie, Jet Set, and N.Bar. Gone are the days when you needed the patience to wait days and weeks for your online packages to be delivered. Beauty Tribe offers 3-hour delivery across Dubai (1 day in other Emirates). Yes, you read that right. You can start adding products to your cart here. But first, Let’s break down the PRO favorites.

1. The Shampoo that truly SAVES your DRY hair

First things first, we’re discussing hair. Milk_shake Moisture Plus Shampoo is hands down the BEST moisturizing product for dry hair. It improves softness and manageability while maintaining the optimal moisture balance. Most importantly, contains organic papaya extract and hyaluronic acid with anti-aging properties. Plus point? It protects hair color too, and is SLES and paraben-free. 


You can purchase the Moisture Plus shampoo here for AED 110.

  1. Viral Miracle Oil on TikTok that we’re crazy about 

Is it a surprise Olaplex Bonding Oil No.7 is a runner up on the list? Ultra-nourishing yet completely weightless, the innovation behind the Bonding Oil restores and renews your hair without coating it in a greasy film which is what makes it our go-to hair oil. It works to strengthen and repair damage post-coloring, bleaching or heat styling (and it even works wonders on ‘virgin’ hair!) Perfect as a conditioning treatment or a styling step (it protects against heat up to 450°!)

You can purchase the Bonding Oil here for AED 145.

  1. The Perfume that makes heads turn

5 of our Beauty PROS tried the DOMINA BY VICTOR perfume and all 5 were asked which scent they were wearing. So what makes this fragrance stand out? The sophisticated elegance of the Domina fragrance wavers between a scintillating mixture of mystery, magnetism and appeal. Sensuality dominates with the blend of the finest bergamot, hypnotic lychee and the highly susceptible influence of peach. The incisions of the three sirens – the exceptional jasmine, peony, and orange blossom with a modern allure of woody notes, moss and musk create the intimacy the perfume and its wearer can boast of.

You can purchase DOMINA by Victor here for AED 699.

  1. The Eye Cream that ACTUALLY made a difference

The skin around the eye contour area is particularly fine, with no oil glands and limited collagen and elastin support, the circulation and lymphatic drainage of the eye area becomes sluggish. The benefits of the Margy’s Energizing Eye Zone Cream are endless. It is Moistursing, Anti-aging–Anti-oxidant, Soothing–Reducing puffiness, Hydrating, and Firming. 

You can purchase the Eye Cream here for AED 880.

That wraps up our most loved products by the Beauty PROS which you can purchase from Beauty Tribe. To read more interesting beauty, hair, and skincare related pieces, you can click here.

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