Abu Dhabi Residents Office signs strategic agreement with Aldar Properties

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Supporting Golden Visa applications in Abu Dhabi when purchasing property valued at over AED 2 million Offers include priority registration at select schools affiliated with Aldar Academies, and benefits from Darna programme Abu Dhabi, UAE – 12 October 2022: The Abu Dhabi Residents Office, part of Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), announced the signing of a strategic agreement with Aldar Properties PJSC, the leading company in property development, management, and investment in Abu Dhabi, for the purpose of enhancing the Abu Dhabi Golden Visa’s services and offerings. As per the agreement, the Abu Dhabi Residents Office and Aldar Properties are working on developing a joint strategy to promote the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, its portfolio of real estate projects, and to identify opportunities to support investors and talent. The Abu Dhabi Residents Office will support clients of Aldar when applying for a Golden Visa upon purchasing a property valued at more than AED 2 million from the wide range of options available through Aldar’s projects, such as Yas Acres, Mayan, Louvre Abu Dhabi Residences, and more.

The agreement also provides residents with Golden Visas in Abu Dhabi with a 2% discount when purchasing select properties directly from Aldar, as well as exclusive priority registration at certain schools affiliated with Aldar Academies, in addition to benefiting from the Darna loyalty program. In addition, the two sides will launch joint activities to promote Golden Visas in Abu Dhabi and other initiatives related to attracting and retaining talents in the Emirate, which is driven by their mutual commitment to attracting skilled and talented individuals and retaining them. His Excellency Hareb Al Mheiri, Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Residents Office said: This agreement aligns with the Office’s strategic goals that seek to facilitate the affairs of Abu Dhabi residents, by helping them to settle and integrate into society and developing several smart services and benefits that enhance their lifestyle. This partnership will also affirm our efforts to attract top talents from across the world to the Emirate, which is one of the world’s most preferable cities to live and work.

This agreement further enhances Abu Dhabi’s attractive position as an investment hub, particularly in the real-estate sector which is a vital economic element that influences investors’ trends and plans on the mid and long term.” The Abu Dhabi Residents Office is committed to promoting Abu Dhabi’s real-estate sector in the various local, regional, and international activities it takes part in, with the most recent of them being the promotional campaign launched by Aldar Properties in Cairo and London. Through this cooperation with Aldar, we will work to augment the reach of the Office’s strategic mission to increase the attractiveness of Abu Dhabi and to attract specialised talents to work, live, and thrive in the Emirate,” Al Mheiri added. Jonathan Emery, Chief Executive Officer at Aldar Development, said: “As Abu Dhabi’s leading property developer and a key partner for economic growth, Aldar is proud to be part of an initiative that reinforces the UAE’s position as a global destination of choice for residents, investors, entrepreneurs, the business community and talent alike. Since its formation, Aldar has established a wide network of investors, entrepreneurs, and top talent, ensuring it is at the forefront of Abu Dhabi’s growth story and a valuable partner for the Golden Visa programme.” The UAE Golden Visas are available in Abu Dhabi for foreign investors and top talents from all over the world, providing them with visas for 5-10 years, and this covers scientists, knowledge professionals and researchers like doctors, specialists, scientists, and inventors. The visa is also available to talented and creative individuals, athletes, owners of start-ups, and real-estate investors. Those interested in applying for Golden Visas in Abu Dhabi can submit their applications via the Abu Dhabi Residents Office’s website.

As one of Abu Dhabi’s largest private sector employers, with access to extensive domestic and international investors and entrepreneurs, Aldar is well-placed to support ADRO attracting and retaining investors and top talents to the Emirate Through Aldar initiatives such as Manassah, a regional incubator programme for innovative retail companies, and ScaleUp, an international technology accelerator initiative, the company also has access to some of the world’s most progressive and ground breaking entrepreneurs. These programmes aim to attract entrepreneurs to invest and set up their businesses in the UAE, and support is being provided by Aldar to put these people forward for the Golden Visa. For more information about Abu Dhabi Golden Visa, please visit adro.gov.ae

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