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The world of Fashion has always been highly influenced by colors. But one color that leaves a mark on every fashion enthusiast’s mind is black. From Balenciaga to Off White to Zara to H&M, there isn’t a fashion house or a fashion retailer that fails to make black a part of their collection. Be it a formal suit, a leather jacket, a cozy hoodie, a classic denim or a graphic tee, there is always room for black. With the rise of streetwear & athleisure in the past few years, black as a fashion color has gained a lot of momentum. 

Color Black has a deep emotional connect. It’s a symbol of power, rebellion, seriousness, diligence and grief. It exemplifies sophistication and style but at the same time it is accused of eroticism. No other color has had the privilege to hold such importance in fashion due to all these qualities associated with it. One great advantage of wearing black is its effect on the eye. It brings the parts of the body together making them look smaller and neater. The brilliance of black is that it amplifies the radiance of the wearer without overshadowing them.

Black’s presence as a fashion staple can be seen in movies, music and even in the world of sports. It’s the most sort after shade when it comes to celebrities. It just adds a layer of mystery and suspense to their enigmatic lives. The likes of Idris Elba, Ryan Gosling, Drake, Billie Eilish, David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo have all shown their love for black clothing in some way or the other. Their fans tirelessly try to emulate their style courtesy black clothing.


How do you style Black? When it comes to styling black, one can hardly go wrong. You can make a strong statement by going all black from head to toe. Pairing black with white has been an obvious choice for ages. You can play the monochrome game and pair a black piece with shades of grey. You can pop your look by pairing a neon piece with black. If you are a fan of the 90s, you can go for a flannel shirt with a black tee and black ripped denims. You can always combine camouflage pieces with black and look strong. Pairing a vintage pair of blue denims with black is also a great way of going about your fashion business. Activewear, one of the biggest markets these days also can be categorically styled around black pieces with bright accents. 

From the Leather clad biker gangs to the Emo kids with matching black eyeliner to the page 3 socialites in their suave black clothing, black remains a popular choice for everyone. To imagine a wardrobe without black is next to impossible. We all have that one black piece in our closets that has a story to tell. How you translate that story into style is what fashion is all about. 

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