Fashion Design department

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has changed the world drastically. From turning everything virtual to working from home, everyone is adapting to this new world. Similarly, so is the Fashion department of Amity University, Dubai. Graduation has always been a little different to the Fashion department as the fashion design students don’t only prepare for their degree but also their final collection in their last year. Every year, we here at Amity have the Grad Show by the Fashion Design department.
          Muzna: “We did not have 100% freedom to explore the market, travel, and take inspiration which was a big drawback as the                      whole world was hit by a pandemic.”
This year, the second graduating batch of fashion showcased their unique talent and aesthetics in the form of their collections at the show. It was a virtual event presented by the university and the Fashion students under the mentorship of their faculties, i.e. Ms. Richa Gupta (Department Head), Ms. Nilam Khunti, and Ms. Achuthy Kottangal and with the creative media and technical expertise of Mr. Bethoven Filomeno and Mr. Wilbert Sayson. The talented designers were acknowledged and awarded by the chief guest Dr. Mansoor Al Obeidi (Middle East Beauty Ambassador) after the show.
The design process involves a lot more than just coming up with a design and buying fabrics to make it. A great design involves creativity and uniqueness with the right combination of colors, fabrics, and textures. Then come the multiple test fits, muslin trials, experiments in fabric manipulation, and most possibly failures. Once the designers are confident in the practicality of their ideas, they go ahead with the construction. This again may involve many approvals and rejections. Lots of time and energy is invested in each piece because of the vast amount of details and cut in a garment.

Jumana: “The overall collection turned out to be cohesive and blended perfectly.”
Despite the obstacles and the pandemic, the designers successfully completed their collections. Using their collections as sources, the young designers of Amity put their ideas, concepts, and stories on display. They colored the stage with the art and tales of their talent and originality. Each collection was an exclusive concept draped out in the form of fabrics to represent the ideas each designer believes in. Additionally, a showstopper garment is the last chapter of every designer’s story on the ramp.
Jerry: “The last pieces in my collection signifies the reflection I see in the society, through all the dark and light patches we all are bound by chains of obligation towards polishing and decorating our reputation and image in the society, where in reality we’re all individuals linked by conceptual relations and the burdens they carry which we inherit from our ancestors.”

Fashion Design department

Fashion Design department
Photo by: Sherin Iqbal

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