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“I believe that art is a journey of a free soul’’ – Romina May

Meet Romina May. The art aficionado hailing from the Philippines who started her journey young. Romina’s interest in creating art was triggered by a lineage of creative individuals. At present, the Filipina artist has her works showcased in multiple art galleries and art exhibitions across UAE. When the global pandemic struck, she was able to express her genuine inventiveness and interests. She was able to convey her honest thoughts and desires all the while staying faithful to herself. 

The artist effortlessly manipulates her hands to produce both realistic and abstract works of art. She often draws inspiration from her environment and everyday life, seizing the chance to produce masterpieces. 

Romina recently chatted with us about her artistic origins, her inspirations, her career path, and other topics.


  • How were you able to develop your art career so far? 

“Progress not perfection” is the mantra that keeps me going. To have a successful art career, it is important to have three major people to support us. First, find someone who inspired you, someone who has been successful in the field or a mentor who can give guidance and direction. This will help you discover who you want to be, what kind of art you want to create, and how to create your own personal art style. Second, having a support system and the ability to exchange issues with someone who has the same degree of expertise as you in the creative sector will benefit you. Third, someone who can encourage, educate, and aid in your growth in the same manner as when you first started. Along the way, you will learn through the practices and experiences with these people around you. Finally, be consistent and believe in your ability to grow and succeed in this career, and don’t compare yourself to others.


  1. Has your cultural background and heritage ever influenced or inspired you in your art?

Yes. Definitely, as a girl with an Asian background from a province who moved to a modern city. These big factors influence and inspire me in my art. The choice of subjects and style, I think that reflects my character that I developed from where I came from and where I live now. One of my collections, entitled “Returning to the Gardens and Fields”, shows the desire of one person to come home after a long time and bring that memory during summer while watching the flowers bloom, the birds fly above the sky, the rivers flow, and smelling the familiar morning breeze when you wake up. Those things I can’t put into words but can only express through my paintings.

  • In what way has your education helped you in the success of your career?

I am a self-taught artist. My education is not related to the creative field. I am a nurse by profession, and I find connection by understanding the relationship with each other, the empathy and care we give to society, and to the environment that we live in. I use this knowledge to inspire and establish connections by integrating empathy and concern for others into my work.

  • Abstract art is considered ‘meaningless’ by a lot of common folk and realism artists. What comment do you have on those judgments?

I believe that meaning in art is subjective. Based on the person’s history, beliefs, and values, it varies on who is looking at it. I value learning about many genres and styles as an artist because it helps me expand my artistic horizons and create my own distinctive sound.

  • How do you choose a subject that creates an emotional connection with your audience?

Emotional connection emerges naturally. That is a result, but not always an initial intention from the artist. I choose the subject based on my current interests and the circumstances that surround me.

  • Looking back at your old Instagram posts, you have worked on pop art and realism art styles. What created the shift to opt for abstract art?

It’s my personal preference. In my abstract work, I feel more liberated. It is neither strict nor inflexible. I’m not required to stick to any rules or boundaries. It enables me to comprehend who I truly am in all respects and to become conscious of my surroundings. Depending on how I’m feeling, I favor pop art and realism because they help me become a better artist by expanding my visuals and helping me get the appropriate viewpoint. 

  • What are some of your techniques for overcoming artist/creative blocks?

Creative blocks happen sometimes, and I just let it pass. I don’t want to force myself to do something that I don’t feel like doing. I usually divert myself to other hobbies like cooking, listening to music, dancing, and mostly going out in nature and meeting people. This is how I recharge my creativity and gather more inspiration from what is around me.



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