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Creativity is intelligence and having fun. Since time immemorial, humanity has been fascinated with how art is able to hold significance in our lives. Art has been a source of a multitude of interpretations and experiences in which people can explore complex ideas and resonate with the message the artist is trying to convey. It has become a source of different philosophical and existential questions that attract deep thinkers to contemplate the meaning behind the strokes. The USA’s art scene is incredibly diverse and dynamic, considering how multicultural the country is. Its long history of immigration of people from different continents have brought together cultures, customs and traditions. This multiculturalism is evident as there are a lot of artistic communities from different walks of life and races – making the country a thriving hub for anything related to art such as visual arts, music, literature and film and theatre.

With a large pool of creative talents, the USA has produced a lot of artists who made significant contributions to certain art movements. Some of which are Jackson Pollock, a prominent figure in the world of Abstract Expressionism and of course, the famous Andy Warhol who is now synonymous with Pop Art. His most iconic pieces, the Campbell’s Soup Cans and Marilyn Monroe series have transcended boundaries between art and consumerism. Jean-Michel Basquiat, a figure in the Neo-expressionism movement, has made contributions as well in the art scene as his works have addressed themes of race and socio-political issues. His works have remained relevant up to this day.
In terms of market and industry, we cannot deny how influential New York is in the art scene. Various museums, galleries, art fairs and even auction houses are all around the city. It is clear to show how Americans value art in the market. So for those who are planning to take a trip to the city of dreams, make sure to satisfy your eyes with the artistic expressions offered by different galleries. With the power art holds, it can transform and inspire individuals and communities. It can change perceptions, broaden horizons and is something that the world should celebrate. But then, we should remember that no matter how beautiful and relatable one’s art is, the creative process is where all the fun is.

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