AWS and F1® renew partnership to further drive innovation and build the fan experience of the future


Formula 1® (F1®) today announced a renewal and expansion of their partnership with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) that will see the world’s most comprehensive cloud platform become a Global Partner.  The partnership will begin a new phase of innovation and digital transformation of the sport. AWS and F1 share a passion for technological innovation and will work together to build the fan experience of the future. 

In addition, AWS and F1 launched the latest F1 Insights set to debut during the upcoming F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the final race of the 2022 season set to take place on November 20, 2022. The new ‘Track Dominance’ graphic will feature a track map split into performance sectors to give fans and commentators insight into where a driver is dominating his rivals around the circuit. A more detailed ‘Telemetry Comparison’ data overview will allow for a deeper analysis into who is making all their time through the corners and who is powering away down the straights. This graphic will feature the Track Dominance map along with the speed of each car and the delta time between the drivers at each point around the circuit. Using AWS machine learning technology, these insights will give fans a deeper look into driver and car performance, and tactics on race day. 

With 300 sensors on each F1 race car generating more than 1.1 million data points per second transmitted from the cars to the pit, F1 is a data-driven sport. F1 and AWS have innovated together since 2018 – using data to improve the performance of both vehicle and driver. Leveraging AWS’s high-performance computing, F1 was able to run aerodynamic simulations to develop its next generation car — reducing turbulence, improving downforce in the trailing car, and enabling more race excitement. 

With AWS machine learning (ML), F1 has been able to turn millions of data points transmitted from cars and trackside into an engaging fan experience through 20 data-driven F1 Insights that offer unique race strategy, car performance, and competitor insights. By using distinct data points to inform each insight, F1 enables fans to understand how drivers make split-second decisions and how teams devise and implement race strategies in real time that impact the outcome of a race.

The renewed joint technical venture between AWS and F1 will explore new, unique, and innovative ways for fans to enjoy F1 through the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies. Together, F1 and AWS technical experts will work to design solutions across the areas of motorsport, media and data architecture, future track designs, and delivery of regionalised media offerings, as well as exploring the fusion of gaming, live event, and live action experiences.  

Sustainability is a key focus for F1 as it works towards being Net Zero Carbon by 2030. The partnership with AWS will continue to explore opportunities for sustainable solutions across the sport, building on previous work to reduce freight and personnel travel through remote production capabilities.

STEM talent is critical to F1 and AWS and an area that will see increased focus through the successful AWS Deep Racer and AWS Gameday programmes run in collaboration with F1. These programmes offer direct access to technology-related entertainment, competition, and education through F1-themed platforms, offering a unique way for fans to learn and develop machine learning and artificial intelligence skills.

Brandon Snow, Managing Director – Commercial at Formula 1, said: 

“Since 2018 AWS and Formula 1 have worked hand in hand to deliver insight and analysis for all our fans. Together we have successfully delivered the speed, scalability, and reliability Formula 1 requires to bring the expert analysis and insights to all our audiences and stakeholders. AWS has the global reach, partner community, and breadth and depth of cloud services that help Formula 1 engage with fans in multiple markets. We look forward to the next chapter of this powerful partnership which is central to F1’s fan experience and growth strategy over the coming years.” 

Matt Garman, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Global Services of AWS said:
“AWS helps companies push the limits of what their data can do. With such a data-driven sport as F1, this partnership has been a natural fit – helping the sport better utilize, analyse and act upon data to deliver insights to fans that weren’t possible before this collaboration. Leveraging the power of the world’s leading cloud, F1 is engaging with its growing global fan base in unique ways. Their vision and execution for digital transformation is impressive and we are excited F1 has selected AWS to continue to innovate together.” 

CAA Sports helped facilitate this renewed partnership through its global representation of F1®. 

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