Beauty enthusiasts in the country can now discover the brand’s high-quality range

Luxury skincare brand, L’Abelâge Solutions is set to make waves as it launches in the United Arab Emirates in November. 

L’Abelâge Solutions is a game-changing skincare brand made in France and founded five years ago with a philosophy of “more is more”. The range features not one, but three luxurious ingredients of the highest quality: black caviar, 24-carat gold and pearl powder. 

Pearl powder is extremely powerful in reducing sunspots and clearing pigmentation, leaving the skin luminous and healthy, while black caviar has plumping and regenerative powers. Combined with 24-carat gold and other carefully selected ingredients, L’Abelâge offers extremely effective cosmetic products.  

President of L’Abelâge Solutions, Matjaž Marinšek, explains the brand’s journey and his discovery about how much premium ingredients are really included in other products on the market. 

“I was shocked to discover that many brands who boasted black caviar or pearl powder only included a minute amount in their products. That’s why we decided when it comes to your skin, you can never care too much. We didn’t want to make a single compromise when creating our range,” says Matjaž.

“When integrated more liberally, luxury ingredients have incredible effects. This is why we chose to integrate generous amounts of these exclusive components – despite the cost – to create superbly powerful, high-quality products.”

The range includes 10 products for the face, hands and body, from the Wrinkle Repair serum and Anti-Wrinkle day cream to Night Regenerative cream, a Firming Eye and Neck cream, Intensive Facial mask and more. 

L’Abelâge experts have mixed hyaluronate (Hyaluronic acid), two types of peptides and snail slime filtrate (helix aspersa) – an extreme multitasking ingredient that supports skin renewal processes and provides lasting moisture. Many more extracts from nature’s treasure trove are included such as Brazilian cress, the rare immortelle plant known for restoring and hydrating the skin, along with hibiscus, aloe vera, calendula and green tea to create unique and rejuvenating products. 

“We don’t believe you can pamper yourself too often. From luxurious active ingredients such as 24-carat gold, salt from the Dead Sea, not one but two types of peptides to packaging made of brushed Milanese glass, more is more,” adds Marinšek.

“Women in the UAE have a real appreciation for luxury beauty products and a willingness to discover new brands. They love natural ingredients and with the many, indulgent and next-level luxurious spas in the country, they’ve mastered the art of being pampered.” 

To celebrate its launch in the UAE, L’Abelâge will be offering the ‘Smoothing Ritual Bundle’, a special package that includes a bottle each of the Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream, Wrinkle Regenerative Serum, and Firming Eye & Neck Cream for AED 2,276. The products will be available to purchase online in the UAE at

All L’Abelâge products have been scientifically tested by an independent and internationally certified laboratory.


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