Beauty Treats are Bites to Glow by Chiara Seidenader
Interview by: Charmaine Hernane

  • Please tell us something about yourself and your passion for wellness and nutrition.

My background has all been about fitness and nutrition for the past 13 years.

In the last few years my studies have gone deeper into supplementation and natural ways to hack and optimize our bodies. 

The reasons that led me to this path are multiple: I have personally gone through gut related issues (diagnosed as a principle of Crohn’s disease), I have experienced less body efficiency and signs of aging after my 30ies, and both parents have had cancer. Therefore it became more and more essential to me to understand how we can actually minimize traditional medicine and invasive treatments and maximize instead our physical and mental output. And luckily 99% of it can actually be done through the right mindset and proper nutrition.

  • What inspired you to start your business?
    All the above reasons plus the fact that I have always had a sweet tooth. 

No matter how healthy I try to be, I can’t live without sweet cravings. But I wanted something clean, healthy and tasty as well and I couldn’t really find it on the market yet. My love for collagen and the fact that so many people actually simply forget their pills in the cupboards made me say ‘’hey, why  not combine a snack with a supplement’’ and voila, Beauty Treats here we are! 

  • It’s amazing to have a cookie snack that won’t make you feel guilty for sugar.  What makes Beauty Treats special?

Beauty Treats is not like any other healthy snack, it is more than that (no jokes aside even if you might think I’m taking sides!). 

Without citing brands, even most of the most famous ones that claim themselves as ‘’healthy’’ or ‘’vegan’’ or ‘’low calories’’ still have loads of unhealthy or toxic ingredients that speed up our aging process, like processed fats, many chemical procedures, preservatives, colorants, sugars or high glycemic index carbs. 

Ours have no nasties, are fully natural as well as keto and gluten-free. What makes them even more special is that each flavor is packed with specific antioxidant-rich ingredients (matcha, ginger, spirulina, cinnamon, dragon fruit, raw cacao, macadamia etc) and collagen peptides and vitamin C, great for healthy hair, nails, skin and gut.

  • Why Collagen? What are the benefits? 

Collagen is beneficial for many reasons, yet we are all so little aware of it. Collagen is the most fundamental protein in our body, but after our late 20ies our bodies start decreasing its production year by year. Hence, we experience wrinkles, looser skin, broken nails and hair loss along with more joints and muscle impairment, not to mention gut and digestive issues. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides type I and III is the one that is more easily absorbed into our bloodstream through supplementation and people who take it daily can see improvements starting from their skin tone already in 3 to 4 weeks. As it builds the internal lining of our gut, collagen is essential in creating the right microbiome and as such the right metabolic functioning of our gut where also 95% of our serotonin is produced.

  • Why only for women? Well, to be honest we do have male customers as well! Collagen has been used already as a daily supplement from the health-conscious crowd and both sexes, and especially athletes or sports people know its benefits. Beauty Treats in its packaging is indeed quite neutral, though its name and major target is female as it aims at educating the female crowd that the right skincare is not in invasive treatments, fillers and botox, but in the right prevention with good natural products, foods and supplements. We want to educate about feeling good in your own skin and body and we give you the tools to reach that. Less filters, more natural beauty and nutrition.
  • How many flavors, variety to choose from? What is your personal favorite?

As of now we have 6 flavors of collagen cookies but stay tuned – more anti-age and beauty snacks will be coming soon!
My favorite cookie is the Ginger & Turmeric. Many might say it does not even taste like a cookie, and this is why I love it. It simply is an explosion of flavor!

  • When can you say that our body is healthy?
    Our body is healthy when we feel good in it! There is no specific shape or weight we need to reach in order to be healthy. Mind and body have to be aligned to make us reach our best performance in all life aspects. Also, the key is having a diet that does not cut out on foods, the key is having one that we can keep 80% of our life, a nutrition that will become our lifestyle.


  • Please give 5 tips to our readers who are aiming to eat healthy.
  • Cut the processed foods (white sugars and white flour, packaged savory and sweet snacks, canned foods, too many protein bars or granola and fried foods ofc)
  • Read the labels! When you go to the grocery take a moment to read the ingredients list of the foods you buy too. More often than not, even the foods that claim themselves healthy contain trans fats/processed oils/refined sugars or chemical ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. Stay away from those or minimize the list as much as possible. Other examples? Some foods claim themselves ‘’rich in protein’’ in the front package, but when you read the back you will find so many more unnecessary and empty calories like sugars or oils that make you triple the amount of calories on top of those coming from the proteins.
  • Drink a lot! Not alcohol folks. We live in a hot country daily surrounded by AC that dehydrates our bodies even more. 95% of the population thinks they do drink a lot while they do not even reach 1 liter of water per day. Daily suggested consumption? 2 to 3 liters per day. You’ll see how much it helps you to boost your metabolism and fat loss as well.
  • Eat antioxidant-rich foods! You can find antioxidants in fruits, vegetables, but also roots and leaves (as well as in dark chocolate and wine if consumed in moderation), hence powders and extracts are a great tool to integrate in your morning oats or smoothies! Each Beauty Treats flavor is packed with different antioxidants like matcha, spirulina, ginger, turmeric, chia seeds, cinnamon, macadamia, raw cacao, dragon fruit and coconut oil.

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Me, my couch, my book and my Cookie (not only the Beauty Treats cookie, but my actual cat!!)


Daily cleansing and hydration for the face with natural products, face massages and facials, and loads of coconut oil applied on my body.


I am Woman – Emmy Meli


Tools Of Titans – Tim Ferris

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