Homegrown Men’s Skincare Brand Combines Powerful Natural Ingredients with Positive Environmental Impact

  • 99.5% natural ingredients include beet, olives, shea butter, and decaffeinated coffee beans.
  • Humans are exposed to over 160 chemicals daily from things like skincare, sunscreen, perfume, smoking, and air pollution.
  • From sourcing to packaging, &SOM actively strives to have a positive impact on the planet.

Designed and developed in the UAE, &SOM has launched, giving men a cleaner way to shop for high-performance skincare. Its formulations are some of the most potent in the industry, with high concentrations of natural ingredients specifically tailored to men’s skin. The face-changing range is packed with vitamins and omegas, providing multiple anti-ageing benefits.

&SOM products are formulated and bottled in Spain using only the purest, most effective active components. Ingredients include: upcycled caffeine, olives, peptides, shea butter, lactic acid derived from sugar cane, argan oil, beet, liquorice, grape seed, glycerine, jojoba oil, and charcoal powder.

As well as being passionate about product quality, &SOM is committed to prioritising the planet.

Key ingredients are upcycled, utilising ingredients that would otherwise go to waste, such as upcycled caffeine from decaffeinated coffee beans.
&SOM uses bioplastic tubes derived from sugarcane, designed to break down much faster than traditional plastics.
Packaging is sourced from FSC-regulated forests.
Inks are either water-based or vegetable-based.
Natural preservatives are derived from kimchi.
For every product sold, &SOM plants a tree in global reforestation projects, supporting the ecosystem and creating jobs for indigenous communities.

&SOM Founder Daniel Leese explains his motivation behind the brand: “A few years ago, my skin started breaking out regularly. When I spoke to someone in the wellness industry he talked about how damaging everyday ingredients can be. I did some research and was horrified at what I found. Parabens, sulphates, and phenoxythenol are all known endocrine disruptors, linked to issues like reproductive toxicity and nerve damage. So, I quickly stopped using my old products and began making natural formulas. That’s when I realised the huge potential to create a clean and sustainable men’s skincare brand. The process took a few years, as many manufacturers only wanted to offer the same white-label formulas. Thankfully, we found the right partner willing to make chemical-free products, and &SOM was born.”

He continued: “As well as protecting consumers from toxic ingredients, it’s important to play our part in protecting the planet. Brands have a responsibility to drive change. Unfortunately, most choose not to because it affects their profits. I want to show that even small measures can have a significant collective impact and hopefully encourage others to make a difference in whatever way they can.”

&SOM’s range includes Anti-Aging Serum, Ultimate Moisturiser, and Active Charcoal Face Scrub, with plans underway to expand its product line.
The brand is available in select salons and available to order online at andsomskin.com.

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