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With a goal of being the go-to brand for satisfying all sweet tooth desires, Traybae is a female-led baked goods start-up business that was established in Dubai in 2021 and delivers delectable sweet-treat nibbles. From classic brownies to grandiose, nostalgic flavour additions and customized traybake stacks, Traybae offers mouth-watering baked delights.

Traybae announces the debut of the new Cookies and Crème Collection for the month of August while serving up trendy sweets with a British influence. The start-up from Dubai is returning with two new flavours in the softest, creamiest, most delicious sweets for any sweet tooth!

For individuals who appreciate good quality and delicious sweet delicacies, Traybae is more than simply cake or confectionery; it’s an experience. Occasionally, as this month, Traybae offers a special, limited-edition combination tray bake that simply screams delectability. The “moreish” and delicious flavors of Traybae are well-known, and they give Dubai residents incredible “palate pleasers” in a range of exquisite shapes.

Fans of Traybae can select either one or both products from the Cookies and Crème Collection during the month of August. Any OG fan of cookies and cream must try the Cookies and Crème Brookie, a rich celebration of milk chocolate boasting the perfect mingling of cookies and cream swirls and crumbs. However, Traybae has created the Golden Blondie, which is the ideal combination of white chocolate chunks and Golden Oreos, for those who adore white chocolate.



 The Cookies and Créme Brookie!

This is the place for you if you want chocolate richness with Oreo crunch. With every bite of The Cookies and Crème Brookie, gooey milk chocolate cookie core seeps out. The Brookie is topped with Traybae’s original brownie mix and totally filled with the world’s favourite cookie. With this divine mixture, Traybae has truly elevated the original brownie recipe to a whole new level of bliss. Finally, The Oreo crumb layer on top completes the picture, giving it the epitome of square perfection.

Prices start from 33 AED.

The Golden Blondie!

Traybae’s famous blondie recipe and Golden Oreos were the origins of this delectable blondie. Indulge in the delicious Blondie core and Golden Oreo toppings as well as the thick and chunky Belgian white chocolate chunks woven throughout each square.

Prices start from 33 AED.

Traybae is available for online purchase through Deliveroo or straight from their website at

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