Christoffer Cheng: Curiosity Made in Hong Kong

Young dentist,

Nothing should stop us from doing anything and achieving what we want in life.

Be inspired by this young professional dentist who keeps his patients taken care of despite the pandemic. Be encouraged as he continues to feed his curiosity with grace as a well-known influencer in Hong Kong, creating digital contents for luxurious brands.

Let us know more about you, please share your background.
I am a Dentist practicing in Hong Kong, and am also a lifestyle/fashion/travel influencer, with my main platform being on Instagram. I’m born in Hong Kong, grew up in Canada, then migrated back to Hong Kong with my family, so far Hong Kong is home!

On your IG account, it says “Made in Hong Kong”, what is so inspiring about Hong Kong?
I think what I love the most about Hong Kong is how international the city is, it’s a tiny place yet so much is going on, with a large expat community it’s a city with many cultures. And although it’s small, you can go from concrete jungle to beautiful rural nature areas in a flash, it’s the perfect blend of city + nature.

Before the pandemic, you were so much into traveling. What are the Asian countries or particular places you loved the most and why?
Yes, I used to travel almost every month back then! I think all countries across Asia have such diverse vibes and cultures, it’s really too hard to pick a favorite, but a few on top of my list would be Thailand, India and Japan. Thailand is a great place to unwind with gorgeous resorts and beaches, India stunned me with the architecture and costumes, and Japan is basically great for everything!

As a Dentist, Digital Creator, Travel Enthusiast, Influencer and Photographer, what motivates you in life?
I feel like I’m just always curious about things so I tend to want to do a lot of different things, hence I have so much on my plate now. Dentistry can satisfy me on some aspects, but then I needed an outlet for my more creative side, so I developed myself on social media. I think curiosity keeps me going on to try new things and never stop exploring.

As a Digital Creator, if you don’t mind, which well-known brands have you worked with and which one is your favorite?
I am very fortunate to have had the chance to work with some of the top brands in the world which I personally love! It will be too hard to pick a favorite, but it’s always a great pleasure working with Louis Vuitton, Dior and Chanel beauty!

Do you still actively practice dentistry as your profession?
Yes! In fact, I own two dental clinics here in Hong Kong, and I work there for about 60-70% of the week. Dentistry is actually still the bigger part of life!

How did the current pandemic affect you and your career?
I am mostly affected on the travel side; I really miss going to new places and working with amazing hotels to create content for them. As for dentistry, fortunately the pandemic hasn’t affected me much and my patients are still under great care!

From being a digital creator, dentist, traveler, influencer and photographer, what do you enjoy the most? Which one do you think you will pursue more?
My heart is always traveling. Hopefully soon travelling can be normal again and I would love to eventually spend a bigger portion of my time on that.

What advice would you like to give to young creative minds who’s leaning towards being a digital creator?
Have an open heart, be curious and always be nice to people!

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