Cornerstone Clinic Introduces the NAD IV Drip to the UAE


Cornerstone Clinic is a new and integrated medical health centre based in Dubai Marina which focuses on longevity and rejuvenation treatments. Alongside invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, Cornerstone focuses on the health of the entire family providing family medicine, including paediatric care, ENT, minor injuries, women’s healthcare, family planning and one of the most popular go-to treatments at the moment – the IV drip treatments.


As IV Drips continue to rise in popularity, one in particular is taking the celebrity world by storm for its plethora of health benefits. A staple for Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Olivia Culpo to name a few, the NAD is fast becoming a go-to for those who are keen to stay on top of their health and wellness game. 


The NAD IV Drip is affectionately referred to as ‘magic in a bag’, with the intravenous drip filled with liquid vitamins, minerals, and Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) – a coenzyme that is found naturally in the body which helps cells to produce energy. It is also considered as the anti-aging molecule which plays a crucial role promoting overall health and wellbeing. By receiving NAD through a drip, the needle penetrates the vein and allows the body to absorb the highest amount possible in a short space of time. There are major benefits for one’s overall health when having the NAD Drip treatment as a staple in life including increased energy levels, preserving brain function, boosting the metabolism as well as aiding muscle development, delaying the ageing process and achieving that glowing, healthy skin and shiny hair that we all strive for daily!

Alongside a healthy diet and active lifestyle, the NAD IV Drip is the perfect supplement to ensure a new and improved version of you. Cornerstone Clinic offers the treatment at their Grosvenor House Hotel-based clinic in Dubai Marina. Performed by GP, Dr. Ruhil Badiani, after a thorough consultation, the drip will be tailored according to the needs and requirements of each patient, with additional vitamins and minerals added to the IV Drip bags.


Cornerstone Clinic is located at Fourth Floor, Grosvenor House Hotel, Tower 1, Al Emreef Street Dubai Marina. For more information visit and via email [email protected]

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