It’s The New Cult Mia Era

The luxury multi-brand platform Cult Mia is celebrating with us their newest collaboration with Bahrain-based accessories brand Touchless. This exciting partnership introduces two exclusive handbag silhouettes: The Marbled Gem and The Marbled Pleated, available in two new colorways exclusively at

Founded by sisters Dala and Fatema Alkhaja in 2019, Touchless is a trailblazer in the accessories industry, embracing 3D printing as an eco-conscious technique that significantly reduces fashion industry waste. This innovative approach eliminates the need for moulds and excess materials, using only a single material from start to finish.
The collaboration brings forth The Marbled Gem and The Marbled Pleated handbags, now available in Cult Mia-exclusive colors: pink & purple and yellow & green. These handbags are composed of hundreds of seamlessly connected TPU strips, creating a stunning mosaic-like aesthetic through Touchless’ cutting-edge 3D technology.

Each handbag features a unique marbled effect, resulting in a completely individual pattern for every piece. This distinctiveness aligns perfectly with Cult Mia’s mission to scout the most promising talents in the industry and offer special, one-of-a-kind pieces to their discerning clientele.

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Touchless, combining their innovative, sustainable designs with our platform’s commitment to uniqueness and quality,” said a spokesperson for Cult Mia. “This collaboration embodies the essence of what Cult Mia stands for—bringing exceptional, exclusive items to our customers.”

Explore these exclusive handbag designs and experience the blend of sustainability and style that defines the Cult Mia and Touchless collaboration, available now at

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Touchless, combining their innovative, sustainable
craftsmanship with our signature Cult Mia brand colorways. Each handbag is its own masterpiece,
reflecting the uniqueness that defines both Touchless and Cult Mia, along with our commitment to
seamlessly blend style and ethics.”
– Nina Briance, Founder & CEO

“TOUCHLESS is proud to partner with Cult Mia, a platform committed to values-driven fashion without
compromising on style. Our aligned visions for sustainable and responsible luxury make this collaboration
a significant milestone. Together, we are excited to introduce our designs to a broader audience,
furthering our commitment to ethical fashion and creative innovation.”
– Fatema Alkhaja, Co-founder Touchless

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