The second day of Men’s Arab Fashion Week hosted at d3 in collaboration between the Arab Fashion Council and Dubai Design District has highlighted 5 international and regional designers, the Lebanese label Ahmed Amer, American Asher Levine, French Valette Studio, Jordanian d3 based Zaid Farouki, and d3 based Michael Cinco. The inspiration ranges from art to deep narratives to futuristic wearable looks, augmented reality, and NFT to giving Men a grandiose moment on the red carpet.  


“Am I floating or…”

 A true story was narrated at the show of the Lebanese artist and designer Ahmed Amer, the audience was easily able to live the collection through the designer’s eye. The art did not only come in the form of choreography, music or atmosphere but mainly through the looks that each of them had a story all connect to the story below:

From the moment we are born, we are told that everything is ephemeral. Nothing lasts forever. Yet we keep pushing for our own personal narratives, writing our own stories, hoping they would still be remembered long after we’re gone. Death; is the only inevitable thing in life. But there is no death without birth. And after death, if you’re lucky, comes rebirth.

Am I too naive to always dream big? Did I let it get to me at some point? Have I fought too much? Or was it not enough? Why am I disappointed in myself? Or should I take my anger out on the world for letting me down? Why do I feel that my world is crumbling around me?

From smooth sailing in heavenly streams to overwhelming walks on rocky roads, my path has gone from fine lines to overblown shapes, yet somehow, I am still pushing through. Is this hope? Or am I just floating aimlessly in space, stuck in a loop? Bardo, a transitory state between death and rebirth. Is this where I am now? Was every space I created for myself all these years a transitory state? Is this why I keep moving forward? And if I choose to be reborn, is there still hope? What is it like behind that door? If I choose to be reborn, do I get to live it all again, or can I choose my own path?

For the first time ever, I am launching a personal collection abroad, and not in Beirut. Beirut is no longer here. Beirut is everywhere. Pieces of my heart are being scattered everywhere, my very own personal diaspora. There are no borders anymore, only love.


The Los Angeles-based, Asher Levine, designer to the stars, showcased his signature styles and Hitech aesthetic at Arab Fashion Week on January 29, 2022. The runway show has explored Asher’s full design spectrum like his minimal tailoring to hi-fashion looks which demonstrate why he is the go-to designer for global music icons and executive elites. 

The runway kicked off with a selection of softly tailored outerwear and chic leather jackets, organic cotton and wool knits draped into minimal silhouettes serve as the capsule foundation for 

Asher Levine menswear. He pairs playful hi-tech women’s looks with select men’s looks, including Asher’s latest Tetra look, a biomorphic dress inspired by dragonflies and artificial intelligence. Tetra features 24k gold embellishments and illumination that can be controlled by a button on the model’s sleeve. The designer brings state-of-the-art garment printing technology in computationally generated fractals through his Time & Light collection looks. Asher also includes his Terrelli Clutch, a next-generation handbag model that highlights the designer’s vision for inventing and crafting hi-tech exotic inspired skins as alternatives to animal skin handbags. 

The audience has also experienced the truest form of sustainability through Asher’s new virtual AR fashion in real-time through their own mobile devices. 

Asher Levine is a favorite of Lady Gaga, Lil Nas X, Nicki Minaj,, Doja Cat, and more with work featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He began sewing at the age of 10 and launched his first men’s collection in New York in 2010. He currently operates out of Asher Levine Studio in Los Angeles, CA where he designs concepts and prototypes for his label and other ventures. 



Inspired by our culture, land, and history of the Arab region, a 6-look installation was showcased at Arab Fashion Week. Five decadent looks were presented which included a modern interpretation of male traditional clothing & headpieces in modern colors and hand-embroidered with the brand’s taglines such as “I AM شرقي (oriental)”, “I AM عربي (Arab)”, and “ عروبتي عزوتي (Being Arab Is My Pride)”. The sixth look appears in full black and was hand-painted life during the fashion show with شرقي (oriental), عربي (Arab), وطني ھو تاریخي (I am my land), and عروبتي عزوتي و إلھامي (Being Arab Is My Pride & Inspiration).”

The installation is a strong commitment to our roots that left the audience mesmerized with the designer’s pride in being Arab and surely no matter how Zaid grows internationally his Arab roots will always be his source of inspiration. 


The Impalpable Dream of the VOYAGER

As usual, the show of Michael Cinco must be a show, the renowned designer has chosen to take us on a trip with his “The Impalpable Dream of The VOYAGER” both through the location selection of a narrow boulevard in between buildings, the abstract metallic sculpture where the models come from which looked like a virtual gate to another world, and obviously through a collection which is much different from the Michael Cinco’s Womenswear, but definitely, the designer managed to provide a masculine breathtaking experience through the grandiose silhouette, fabric, and volumes. It gave the male audience the hope to shine at a Cannes red carpet and steel the lights the same way how normal a Michael Cinco’s couture gown would. 

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