Dubai Peeps – An homage to the people of Dubai with 1000 NFTs only

Dubai Peeps

Dubai Peeps is the first Dubai NFT Collection that was custom made as a tribute to the people of Dubai. The Dubai Peeps collection aims to signify the novelty and evolution of the UAE and fortify the community in bringing people together and further encourage them to identify with each and every art piece, which are distinctive and unique. Being a DubaiPeeps holder, makes you an exclusive member of a valuable community that gets to enjoy different perks such as; accessing the private DubaiPeeps Discord channel for networking purposes, gaining access to real live events for “holder only”, early access to merchandise and the possibility to acquire a 3D avatar of your existing 2D Peep. This 3D avatar can be used in the Metaverse as your digital avatar or it can be traded or sold to generate additional income.

The grand reveal took place on the 19.02.22 at their first “holders only” event at the Palazzo Versace Hotel. Around 200 holders with their chosen plus one attended the complementary event and got to network and make real life connections over food, drinks and live entertainment. The event as well, highlighted the upcoming Metaverse implementation through the FomoVERSE which will shortly have its official launch. VIPS from the government and private sector also attended the event to witness what the future holds.

After an impressive and success night, DubaiPeeps ensured to have many more events to come for their holders in the near future with the next event being held upon sellout of the remaining Peeps.

600 last and final DubaiPeeps NFTs will be released shortly, so don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this unique and expanding community.

Instagram: @dubai.peeps




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