EASTWAVE Concept, the Virtual Fashion Pop-Up, Returns With Season 2, ‘HIT REFRESH’, Further Supporting Middle Eastern Designers


EASTWAVE  announces the launch of it’s latest virtual pop-up which will bring Arab designers to the forefront of the fashion world. Season 2, titled ‘HIT REFRESH’, comes with the success of their first season in August 2020, which saw pieces from the collection worn by the likes of A-list celebrities from Kylie Jenner, Shay Mitchell to Jessie J, and socialites such as Karen Wazen, instantly placing the startup fashion pop-up on the map and gaining the attention of high-profile industry leaders. Set to launch on September 18th 2021, and running up until December 2021 , HIT REFRESH will be available on the virtual concept’s website for a limited time only.


A fluid and transformative experience that accommodates sustainable operations and enables brands to reach new customers worldwide, EASTWAVE  Concept has created Season 2 to continue paving the road for brands to share their diverse stories and disrupt the status quo, with a continuous focus on providing a platform for up-and-coming designers in the Middle East. This year’s theme stems from rising above hardships, and pushing forward to start anew. It is no secret that the world has been coping with unprecedented challenges since the start of the pandemic, and the Middle East is no exception. EASTWAVE’s  second season will bring together 15 brands of Middle Eastern-origin that together will tell a prideful story for a better tomorrow, showcasing the artisanal craftsmanship of each. EASTWAVE  takes the term pop-up one step further by not only helping brands reach a wider audience, but by promoting them in Los Angeles and across the Middle East through impactful marketing initiatives, whilst working closely alongside them to develop product designs using their extensive expertise.


This season’s collection boasts of mood-boosting elements of the 90s, and is inspired by the rebellion-infused fashion trends of the era. The brands were hand-picked based on distinctive designs, bursting with individuality and edginess, ranging from ready-to-wear items to bespoke jewelry. This collection sees roaring colours, loud patterns, and dramatic prints, further propelling current fashion trends. Think neon orange suits, silk pink pants, metallic trench-coats, and chunky takes on more time-transcending patterns such as animal prints, handbags, checkered co-ords and more.


Co-founded by Dana Mortada of Fashion Collective (Los Angeles) and Judy Daghestani of Curated Today (Dubai), EASTWAVE  Concept is far from your average pop- up. Launched with the vision to support and cultivate a family of unique yet like-minded talent who share pride and passion for their Eastern designs, EASTWAVE  is on a mission to uplift Middle Eastern designers by helping share their stories and designs with an ever growing international audience.

Learn more about the featured designer’s in this season’s collection:

ALIEL – Accessories
Founded in 2017 by Egyptian designer Leila Abo Tira, ALIEL — Leila spelled backward — goes by the slogan creative possessions expressed in art. Every design has its own story and inspiration. While attention to detail and fine finish are a constant of the ALIEL brand, there is no standard signature in the designs, each collection is different and unique. Each piece talks a different language that represents Leila and every woman.

Founded by Carolina Chammas in 2012, AURA Headpieces revolves around a fusion of cultures. Introducing Middle Eastern princesses – Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Arabian feminine historical figures – to the West by adding an urban, fashion-forward and contemporary twist.”If you look at important women in history, most of them wore jewelry on their head.”- Carolina Chammas.

BE-INDIE – Ready To Wear
In a digital world, we choose to become multiple versions of ourselves. Be-Indie is a label dedicated to celebrating one’s independence and original self. Inspired by street culture, Be-Indie seeks inspiration from within by pushing boundaries to reach one’s greatest potential.

Meticulously crafted in Egypt.

BLUE FOR BURGUNDY  – Ready to Wear
Jessica Khawaja is a Lebanese fashion designer and a graduate from ESMOD – Beirut. She pursued her studies later to obtain a Masters degree in Fashion Product & Production Management from Istituto Marangoni – Milano. She then experienced the fashion world from different angles from creation to execution and management throughout her 5 years experience at BASIL SODA fashion house. In December 2017, Jessica Khawaja launched her Ready-To-Wear brand “Blue For Burgundy” aiming to translate her gifts of passion, enthusiasm and creativity into pieces of clothing.
B O Λ D Ḱ  – Accessories
B O Λ D Ḱ  is a sustainable slow-fashion, wearable wood brand based in Cairo. The brand creates spirited wooden bags, handcrafted using a combination of natural materials such as olive/oak wood. These wooden purses are uniquely mixed with resin, giving traditionally nostalgic elements a refreshing modern twist.

F FOR FARAH – Jewelry
Farah Abdelhamid is a multi-disciplinary Egyptian artist with a passion for contemporary jewelry. She received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in Jewelry and Metalsmithing. Her work varies from producing commercial jewelry collections, conceptual interactive installations, collaborative projects and teaching in her studio and pop-up locations.

Located in the heart of Cairo, Farah’s work is designed and made by her, keeping the connection between wearer and maker intimate. Her research in contemporary jewelry challenges traditional social constructs about jewelry materials and forms, investigating the grey area between object and wearable object via the body as a source of inspiration.

FOLKLORE  – Accessories
FOLKLORE is a leather goods brand established in 2014 by Central St Martins Graduate Haya Al Abdulkareem. The brand focuses on bringing geometric shapes and modern aesthetics into functional accessories. Each collection is inspired by art, design, history, traditions and Folklore.

FYNE JEWELLERY  – Fine Jewelry
Founded by third-generation diamantaire, Aya Ahmad, Fyne is making waves in the jewellery industry. Using lab-grown diamonds and 18k gold, the brand prides itself on crafting sustainable, accessible and timeless pieces that can be passed down for generations. By combining high-quality sustainable materials, and a made to order approach, Fyne doesn’t just respond to environmental problems, but takes action – forever choosing to consciously consume, craft, and create.

JEUX DE MAINS – Ready to Wear
Salim Cherfane sees the world in pulsating colors and is very playful and vibrant, just like his sense of fashion. He collages bold colors, loud patterns and clean cuts, creating versatile ready-to-wear compositions that are graphic and fun. Design makes him happy and he would like to pay that forward by creating pieces that make people shine. “Jeux de Mains” is his first fashion label.


LAIÉN – Jewelry
Laién is a modular jewelry company that puts aesthetics, functionality and sustainability at the forefront. Meaning flexible in Arabic, Laién allows its customers to customize and restyle their pieces in many different ways. Limited only by their ideas and mood, Laién wearers don’t need to ever worry about getting bored of their pieces and can rest assured that they have the perfect piece for every occasion.


MORENA – Accessories
Founded in 2020, Morena was launched to offer timeless and high-quality pieces that represent diversity, strength, and power. Seeking to provide aspirational handcrafted footwear and ultimately apparel & accessories, Morena has established itself as an innovator in the Middle East. Morena is derived from cultural roots but represents every woman. Defined as “brunette” in Portuguese & Italian, Morena pulls from its core strength & history and reimagines fashion for the modern woman whilst staying true to its values.

Morena’s identity has been built upon sustainability, quality and timelessness, featuring revolving styles that prove to withstand the test of time.


Supporting and complementing each other with their distinct talents and skills, the two sisters Caroline and Joy joined to start their RTW label, Pearl And Rubies. They bring together two different and vibrant characteristics into exquisite balance. Joy’s stone – the pearl – embodies sophistication and femininity and Caroline’s fiery and captivating stone – the ruby – represents powerfulness and masculinity. Separately, they would be incomplete. Together, they are flawless. Each Pearl And Rubies piece is a magical mix of sophistication and edge.


REDU – Accessories
Founded on the need for trendy and functional lifestyle pieces, REDU is here to fill in all the gaps. REDU is the new go-to trendsetter in fashion, taking classic hits and turning them into modern on-trend pieces. Having established roots in handbags, REDU now offers a full selection of accessories, footwear, and clothing for both women & men. Each REDU piece is handmade and pulls inspiration from around the world.


YASSMIN SALEH- Ready to Wear
Yassmin Saleh offers luxury ready-to-wear for women who appreciate a good discussion behind a piece of clothing. Each season, a subtle narrative that tackles a modern-day socio-psychological phenomenon is translated into a collection of garments that appeal to women who value slow-fashion, high-quality sourced clothing and craftsmanship.


Zaid Farouki is a creator by nature. Since all of his wearable art dresses are hand painted by himself, they are first and foremost pieces of wearable art, comparable to a masterpiece hanging in your dining room. A spinoff of his Creative House, Zaid Farouki, Zaid by Zaid Farouki is a contemporary label which is bold and unconventional and representative of a new, globalized world.

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