Embrace Elegance and Luxury with Rizwan Fashion’s Latest Collection of Swarovski® Crystals-Embellished Modest Wear


Enter the world of contemporary modest fashion with Rizwan Fashion’s exclusive line of bespoke abayas, kaftans, and jalabiyas, each adorned with exquisite Swarovski® Crystals. These impeccable pieces embody a fusion of modesty and sophistication, elevating any occasion with their unique charm. Featuring designs that are both timeless and trendsetting, Rizwan Fashion is a must-have for any fashion-forward individual.

This Ramadan, Rizwan Fashion has teamed up with Swarovski® to introduce a new dimension of discreet glamour. Their wearable art pieces are adorned with hand-embroidered collars, infused with breathtaking crystals, gold and silver threadwork, and handcrafted with exquisite precision. These bespoke creations are perfect for lavish Iftar events or intimate family gatherings, emanating effortless glamour and unmatched artistry that epitomize understated elegance and refined beauty.

For those seeking practicality without sacrificing style, the collection features iconic silhouettes, embellished with traditional and contemporary elements, such as Emirati trims like talli, metalwork from the Indian subcontinent, and intricate embroidery from the West. Each piece exudes instant chicness, from the Turath Kaftan, featuring sparkling Swarovski® Crystals, to the pure linen Kimono Abaya, adorned with hanging embellishments and a full sleeve silk slip. With Rizwan Fashion, Ramadan is a time to celebrate not only tradition but also fashion.

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