Escape the hustle and bustle and dive into an adventure at Abu Dhabi’s favourite actioned-packed Parks, Circuit X

Abu Dhabi’s newest adventure hub

Circuit X, Abu Dhabi’s newest adventure hub is all prepared to welcome the winter season in the UAE, with its four parks offering a variety of challenges for and a handful of adventures like no other that awaits adventure enthusiasts, of all ages and all abilities.

Located in Hudaireyat Marvista only 20 minutes away from the heart of the city and commissioned by Modon Properties, Circuit X offers a thrilling experience where the mental and physical skills of visitors will be put to test.

First stop, the Ropes Park, where family and friends can fly down ziplines, climb the 50-foot wall and free fall into an adventure that you will not forget. The dirt rails at the BMX Park in addition to a range of tricky hills will test visitors’ riding skills to the max.

At Circuit X’s Skate Park, kids can receive private lessons and controlled guidance from pro-level coaches, allowing them to learn new skateboarding skills that they never thought possible. Before you know it, your kids will be skating safely down ledges, handrails and all the quarter pipes too.

Kids are also taken care of at Circuit X Parks, where they will experience all the fun that comes with the Splash & Climb Park, where the little daredevils will be entertained and kept safe under the watchful eye of coaches and leaders, while parents chill out by the beach. Additionally, ignite the inner child by splashing about with your kids in the fountains.

Furthermore, Circuit X has become the latest must-visit birthday party destination in Abu Dhabi, with the Skate Park and Splash Park guaranteed to give your kids and their friends the most fun and memorable experience on their special day.

For further information on Circuit X, call +971-2-691-0302 or  visit

Abu Dhabi’s newest adventure hub

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