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The first step in any skincare routine is cleansing your face. We use face washes and cleansers to get rid of extra oil and impurities from our skin. Cleansers are developed specifically with different skin types and skin concerns in mind. Cleanser formulations can contain holy grail elements or irritating components. Adding cleanser to your skincare routine is always the smartest move, regardless of whether you have a 10-step regimen or merely use soap. Although it many do not sound as a fancy product, priming the canvas is an important step before applying other products and receive upmost results. Cleansers will aid in the removal of dirt, makeup, oil, and other impurities that form a barrier on the skin, allowing the skin to absorb the products that will follow.

Here are a few reviews for the face washes and cleansers that we tried and evualted. Each has their own distinct formulae and substances that do not entirely strip the skin barrier while leaving the skin soft and plump.

Olay Natural Cleaning face wash white

The face wash has a thick white creamy grainy texture that act like soft exfoliater, that helps remove all the impurities that is set on the top of the skin.Furthermore, after wash it leaves the skin with a thin layer of moisture that later is absorbed in the skin keeping it hydrated. Although the face wash does not form any lather but it is almost invisible when put on face, Due to this it doesn’t remove makeup. It claims to brighten the skin tone, which isn’t true but only cleans it and gives a glow that enhances the skin color. The wash doesn’t have a strong scent but only a soft one. 





The INKEY List Salicylic Acid Cleaner 

   The face wash has a thick clear texture that is non-drying and forms a light lather when mixed with water. It removes dirt and makeup from the top skin and even penetrates into the skin to remove all the blackheads and oil causing acne as it contains 2% Salicylic Acid with added zinc both of them together help reduce breakouts and control oil in the skin. After the wash it leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. Although, this face wash is a chemical base which may not suit many with sensitive skin and it needs moisturizer after as it leaves the skin exposed and unprotected. It is considered as a chemical exfoliator as it does the same as an exfoliator but using chemicals.






Johnson & Johnson Fresh Hydra Facial Gel Wash  

The face wash has a thick clear gel with red grainy texture that helps in light exfoliation of the skin. It forms a good lather that removes the makeup on top of the skin as well as the dirt. Furthermore, the gel in the wash claims the skin after the light exfoliates and leaves it soft and smooth. This face wash does not help in reducing the appearance of acne or blackheads. Although the wash leaves the skin hydrated and fresh, in addition to that it doesn’t have an unpleasant scent but a soft one similar to a rose water. This wash is made for all skin types as it makes sure to help the skin in keeping it hydrated. 






LORÉAL Pure Clay Black Face Cleanser with Charcoal Detoxifies & Clarifies

 The face wash has a thin gray runny texture that may feel like water. It doesn’t form any lather when washing and it turns dark gray with water as it activates the Charcoal in it. It is a non-drying wash that leaves the skin feeling smooth and fresh. Although if left too long without the rest of the skincare it will feel tight and dry. It acts as a mask as well as a face wash as it cleans the pores of the skin and the top layer.this wash is good for normal to dry skin due to its detoxing nature. It does have a perfumed scent that may overpower the wash and its benefits


 These items can be purchased online or at your local market or drugstore. Now that you’ve been offered with a number of options, you can choose the product that best suits your skin type and concerns.



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