For the Last-Minute Crowd: Meats & Cuts Will Deliver A Festive Feast Directly to Your Door, Even on Christmas Day!


As the festivities draw near, preparation time creeps upon us, and if you are a part of the ‘last minute’ crowd or simply don’t like spending hours in the kitchen, Meats & Cuts, will take care of the cooking, by providing a delicious spread delivered directly to your door, even on Christmas day! 

Mixed Boards: Cheese & Colds

Entertain guests before the main course with Meats & Cuts ‘Mixed Boards’, starting at AED 350. This includes an exquisite spread that spans a selection of fine quality cheese that will take your guests on a tour through Italy, France, and Switzerland, and perfectly paired with a selection of hand-crafted cold-cuts, complemented with jams and honey.

Gourmet Festive Feast: Turkey & Sides

Win host of the year by ordering the Meats & Cuts ‘Festive Feast’ for AED 750, which includes a succulent 8kg gourmet turkey served with four delectable sides, including mixed nuts, roasted vegetables, chestnut gravy and heavenly cranberry sauce. 

The only thing you will have to worry about is placing your order 48 hours in advance, and Meats & Cuts will deliver at your convenience. Orders available throughout December and to be placed either in-store, or via Whatsapp 

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