Garimon Roferos: Rise of the Eagle, A Dream Made Into Reality

Originating from the King City of the South in the Philippines, Davao City, Garimon Roferos started his dream of being in the world of fashion at the age of fifteen, admiring great talents of both the local and international fashion designers. A journey full of hope became a reality as he started equipping himself as a fine arts student and eventually took up his formal education in fashion during the late 80’s at the SLIM’s School of Fashion where he began exploring more of his creativity and ingenuity.

As a budding talent in fashion, he was able to get an opportunity to work in the Middle East from 1989 to 1997 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where he passionately created couture dresses for the elites of the country. He was able to show his artistry through his creation and became the statement style of producing amazing pieces for the glamorous women in the gulf region.

From the Sand Dunes back to his Homeland
His experience in KSA prepared him to be the best version of himself as he started his own brand, the Garimon Roferos Couture in Davao City, Philippines in 1997. From then on, he was able to produce couture pieces for the women in his hometown and various cities in the country. His work is a statement of his love and passion for his craft as he took another chance to show that a local talent can be in the global market.

Dubai, The City of Dreams
In 2010, Garimon stepped in the land full of promise, Dubai – a city that resonates with great opportunities. His craft flourished more and he was able to work with other fashion legends in the field. With his confidence and eagerness to fulfill a dream in a city of dreams, he was able to bring the Garimon Roferos Couture brand to an international level through the help of his business partners Matthew and Michelle Sauder in 2016.

Middle East Fashion Week: The Runway to Fulfill Another Dream
In its second season, the Middle East Fashion Week opened its doors to showcase the fabulous collection of various designers in the region last November 2022. As one of the fashion couture brands that screams class and elegance, Garimon Roferos Couture was able to showcase the true aesthetic, combination of arts, modernity, fashion forward and young vibe collectively. It encapsulated Rise of the Eagle.

The Eagle has Risen: A Fulfilled Dream
Eagles are powerful symbols – they represent courage, freedom, and perspective. True to his identity like an eagle, Garimon was able to soar high. He had the freedom to design a collection from the inspiration of a literal dream that turns into reality. He put things together that begins with a thorough insight to creative ideation, tedious preparation, and meticulous creation for every piece.

With a strong vision in mind, Garimon made sure that each pieces of the collection speaks the true meaning of what a powerful individual he is, combined with the fresh and fierce ideas of seasoned creatives of the industry; Michael Amazona Del Mar as the Creative and Show Director with his team Abbey Ramos and Ave Lacsam, Klint Javier Vasquez the budding fashion stylist, Jessy Tabla and Valentino Montuerto Jasmin and their hair and make-up team, Dominique Leyretana, Mherck Dela Cruz, Jandi De Castro and Bethoven Filomeno with their entire production team from DSE International and the presence of Ms. Bessie Badilla, a top model of the Philippines in the 80’s that made a huge impact during the show.

Soaring higher towards a wider reach: What’s next for Garimon Roferos?
After a successful Middle East Fashion Week, the Garimon Roferos Couture team was able to fulfill and showcase an amazing couture collection full of love, hard work and passion put together in one show. As the eagle has risen and it will soar higher towards a wider reach. Doors of opportunity welcomes Garimon as he will showcase two sets of collections this coming February 2023 at the Bright Black Fashion at Buenos Aires and San Luis in Argentina. The Latin America Region will get to experience a more vibrant Punk Rock-Themed Couture Collection with additional new pieces and a set of bridal collection to complete the whole show.

“Fashion is a great work of art”, said Garimon. He will continue to fuel his passion and embrace his craft by bringing it into greater heights – not just superb showpieces but most importantly doing them from the heart and staying true to one’s core. It will be his mission to live life to its fullest – reaching more dreams and making it into many more realities.

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