Georgia: Your Next Caucasian Summer Paradise

Amidst the beds of the Caucasus and at the crossroads of the great continents of Europe and Asia, Georgia stands as the magnum opus curated by the lords of the Caucasus Mountains. Famously known for its Wine and Historic Churches, this country gives the perfect wanderlust experience to those seeking it. From high valleys to breezy summer winds to gigantic snow-capped mountains, this is your next summer experience in the making!

Tbilisi: A Fusion of the Past and the Present
No other city is a magnificent blend of the archaic yesteryears and the urban present as the capital city of Tbilisi. This city is a mirage to her tales from centuries of civilization and lives as the surviving trademark to the echoes of the beating hearts of Georgia. Situated in the intersection of the Kartili and Trialeti ranges, with the Mtkvari River flowing through, here is what you can discover in the vibrant city of Tbilisi:

1. The Narikala Fortress:
Built in the 4th century AD, this fortress with its carved bullet marks, symbolizes Gerogia’s defense, resistance, and resilience. Overlooking Tbilisi with its maternal protection, the Narikala fortress, through her alleyways and steps, gives visitors pride in her stature. Her walls describe her personification as the protector and guardian of the city she overlooks each day. See Tbilisi in a Panoramic lens from the heights of the fortress!

2. Mount Mtatsminda
Imagine having an Amusement Park as the highest point of your city! That is Mtatsminda for you. The city’s highest mountain, standing 770 feet tall, the highest point of the city, not only offers a bird’s eye view of the city but also has its own Amusement Park. From gigantic Ferris Wheels to bumper car rides, roller coasters, and its very own Funicular Railway, which runs along the mountain’s length! Mount Mtatsminda Amusement Park is the perfect Summer Adrenaline Destination for enormous families and heartful friendships.

3. Shota Rustavelli Avenue
The posh-lush green paths, made with exquisite European finesse, the Shota Rustavelli Avenue embodies the city’s fusion of history and modernity. Named after renowned Medieval Georgian Poet, this avenue highlights landmarks such as the neoclassical architecture of the Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Georgian National Museum, and the Tbilisi State Opera House. A perfect place for your perfect summer breeze strolls and delights!

Mtskheta- The Locus of Ancient Georgian Charm
Situated 20 kilometers north of Tbilisi, this ancient capital of the Kingdom of Iberia, now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the seat of the Georgian spiritual heritage. Nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Georgia, Mtskheta, meaning ‘’Holy’’, unveils a tapestry of cultural richness and natural splendor. Its cobble-stoned streets situated in the beds of the giant Caucasus mountains leave one wondering about its ancient splendor with invisible footprints of the great kingdoms that once ruled the ways of the Caucasus. Regarded as one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, Mtskheta’s skyline is adorned with the iconic silhouette of Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. One can experience the gust of Herculean Caucasian Winds and a warm sunset from the heights of the Jvari Monastery, overlooking the intersection of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers. Mtskheta leaves a curious traveler with this buzzing question: who were the real rulers of Mtskheta- the revered and respected Kingdoms of Iberia or the mighty giant Caucasus mountains hovering above and around?

Ananuri: The Prelude to Gerogian Nature’s Bounty
Situated en route to the highest mountain in Georgia, Mount Stepantsminda, 63 kilometers north of Tbilisi, lies the Ananuri Fort Complex. Nestled on the picturesque shores of the Zhinvali Reservoir, this ancient fortress complex is a captivating blend of medieval grandeur and natural splendor. The Fort of Ananuri is a symbol of its own that upholds her stories of bravery, resilience, revolution, and protection, with each stone holding the secrets of centuries past, echoing the echoes of battles fought and victories won. Ananuri is a time-traveling artifact to the eyes and the mind. Wanderers wandering through the labyrinth passages of this fortress could immerse themselves in imagining the lives of the people who once called this fortress their home.

Gudauri- Kobi, Kazbegi: The Switzerland Of Georgia
Predominantly known amongst ski lovers for its Icy snows in winter, Gudauri’s summer charm has a different tale to tell! From vast, green mountains to enormous fields of sheep grazing, this ski resort makes a traveler feel limitless wanderlust -serene flowers host pollinators that give sweet Georgian honey, shepherds lead their herds of sheep, streams of rare fresh waters flow to pilgrims moving toward the holy church of Gergeti, Gudauri is the pit stop between the heavens and the Earth. Each mountain has its evergreen tales with hidden trail paths to stories of invasions to welcoming travelers across from the Silk Route. This is the perfect place for immersing yourself in the arms of pure nature with some hot Khinkali (Georgian dumplings) for your hungry tummies! The scenes of Gudauri indeed leave one with a fulfilled taste of paradise but simultaneously the heartaches in knowing the planet’s withering off because of growing urbanization. Gudauri transports the eyes to the absolute gorgeousness of Earthly perfection that is unfortunately endangered under human hands.

With its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, warm hospitality, juicy red wines, and delectable cuisine, Georgia beckons travelers to immerse themselves in its charm. Georgia, with her rugged mountains and vibrant streets, indeed proves to be YOUR NEXT SUMMER HOLIDAY PARADISE IN THE MAKING!

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