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The first day of Women’s Arab Fashion Week – Couture – Spring Summer 2022 kick-off with Egyptian couturiere, Maram Borhan, Lebanese-Dominican Giannina Azar, and Palestinian Ihab Jiryis. 

Fantasy, Reflective, and Royal are the keywords of Day-One. 


Egyptian designer, Maram Borhan, opened the Couture Calendar Spring Summer 2022 at this season’s Women’s Arab Fashion Week. Showcasing a breathtaking collection of delectable fantasy. Each gown had a spirit in weight and design. Pieces constructed with large eyelet white lace, and soft silken fabrics, filled the runway with inspiration and light. Subtle hues of pink, silver, lavender, and blue; contrasted with bold tones of fuchsia and electric blue. The sleeveless gowns had texture on the bodice, with impeccable floral details. The two-piece dress sets were youthful and resonates with the most prominent and impactful millennial clientele. Layered gowns with lush volumes captivated the runways, while pieces such as the ombré treated fuchsia and black gown held the attention of Fashion Week’s most dedicated Haute Couture enthusiast.  

Maram Borhan’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection has such a range for all women, at any stage in her life. The conservative styles featured shawls and shoulder coverings either in matching fabric or glittering beaded sequin elements. Finally, the show-closing wedding gowns were even more awe-inspiring. The fitted mermaid silhouette covered in small beads, a long decorative train, and the full flounced layered gown was literally out of a beautiful dream. The collection was unforgettable.  


The Dominican/ Lebanese designer, Giannina Azar, is immortal in her design visions. Her exuberant and dreamlike fashions suite the demands of couture, and the high-profile clientele she serves.  Each collection stands out in the most extraordinary way, highlighting her most notable hand-crafted pieces. The amount of work and attention to fine details is so intrinsic; no one can deny her exquisite talent. High-quality fabrics incorporated with glittering and sparkling elements make the wearer epic, indefinitely. Performers and wearers of Giannina Azar fashion are stellar in their own right.  

Giannina Azar started the show by showcasing Passarellas by Giannina Azar, which is just one of the shining examples of her artistry. The collection resonates with energetic qualities of the most luxurious and opulent standard. ‘Mesmerizing’ is the word that comes to mind when viewing each collection. She then followed with the mainline collection ‘Mirrors’ that focuses on reflective details and embellishments, on the most delicate high-quality textiles. Glittering elements adorn fine fabrics in ways that can only be described as exquisite. 

Lavish and smoldering, in gold, silver, green, and ice white. Each piece of Giannina’s Spring/Summer 2022 haute couture collection is rich in feel and quality. Exaggerated shoulders, and asymmetrical style, were showcased beautifully, in delicate sheer gossamer fabrics. Reflective mirror details on the body of the gown, and even on softer textiles, show just how skilled a designer she is. As the models walked, reflections from everywhere colored their gowns. It’s genius how Giannina created gowns that transform according to the wearers’ environment.  


Closing the first day of the Couture Calendar, SS22, Palestinian designer Ihab Jiryis, who prides himself on priming and evolving his brand is known for saying “your dress, is your second skin, your natural skin is organic, and your second skin should be a royal covering that protects it.”  His Spring/Summer 2022 collection is ROYAL. Ihab Jiryis speaks through his elegant gowns, with impressive detail. The opening of his show was energetic, with a model wearing her golden headdress and gown; liken to a sun goddess. The theme carried throughout the show, featuring long sleeveless structured-bodice gowns, with flowing gowns, and side slits. 

Ihab Jiryis also created asymmetrical flounced pieces, with a retro-inspired flare. Many silhouettes gave a modern 80’s aesthetic. Creative open slits with smooth gathered fabric looked exceptional on the ruffled v-neck gown. Bodysuits were also featured, with the same ‘V’ style bust, and sheer pant style bottom. The shoulder details of certain gowns in black and green, had an interesting robe-like design. From a fairy-tale; the designs were reminiscent of a fierce maiden, who owned the world she lived in. The fabric treatments with stencil-like leaf prints are trailblazing in red, purple, and light tones. The kaleidoscope-inspired gown, with the train, is also iconic in a lovely purple. Another gown featured the same gem elements mingling with gold beading on a nude sheer fabric. Ihab’s brilliant designs have an ultra-feminine feel with nostalgic elements. Closing the show and the first day of the Couture Calendar is Tunisian-Dubai-based Curvy Model, Ameni Esseibi, who is just named as the first Curvy Ambassador to the Arab Fashion Council. 

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