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Everyone’s favourite healthy treat-on-a-stick, House of Pops, is well known for being a company which puts people and planet first, with the slogan “to delight the world, with better choices, for a good life.”

Now, its bright and bold uniforms – aprons and t-shirts – are being replaced with more sustainable materials, made of recycled plastic bottles, produced by Dubai-based sustainable materials manufacturer DGRADE.

The stylish new uniforms are made from DGRADE’s proprietary ‘Greenspun’ material – each t-shirt is made from 10 500ml recycled plastic bottles – helping divert plastic from landfill.

Compared to conventional polyester yarn, the Greenspun material uses 50% less energy, 20% less water, produces 55% fewer carbon emission, and doesn’t use oil – a finite resource.

Marcela Sanchez, Company co-founder, says: “House of Pops’ instantly recognisable brightly-festooned carts, kiosks and bikes are staffed by equally colourful staff, and we wanted to ensure we go the extra mile to back our promise of being a company with values firmly rooted in sustainability.

We already use state-of-the-art compostable packaging and sticks on all our products, so it’s a natural progression to have found the right materials to help save the planet – while ensuring our people look and feel great.”

A recent survey revealed that more than three quarters of shoppers feel environmental problems are in the hands of businesses and manufacturers – news that House of Pops is well prepared to respond to with its ongoing positive action.

House of Pops is rooted in a sustainable approach to its range – from the wholly natural ingredients, to the biodegradable packaging. You’ll spot the brand by its bright, colourful image, and its funky approach to selling all-natural, healthy treats.

Marcela continues: “The natural product market is growing exponentially as consumers become far more savvy regarding food additives, sugars, flavourings and fillers – to name a few. Market surveys also show a noticeable spike in the number of regional consumers who are extremely concerned for the environment. As are we. So, we endeavour to go the extra mile in every aspect of our operations.

We ensure our organic ingredients come from the best sources, and our mindful approach to business now extends to our promoter’s uniforms.”

CEO and Co-founder Mazen Kanaan adds: “We ensure we act with transparency, honesty and integrity – values ingrained in our culture. House of Pops is a company that will not compromise on its values, and we hope that in serving healthier, more sustainable treats, we are doing our bit towards ensuring better health for our consumers – and for our planet.”

Heralding an exciting new era in snacking with its all-natural ingredients, hand-crafted recipes, sustainability and happiness all wrapped up in an irresistible treat, House of Pops’ mission from the outset was to ensure minimal impact upon the environment.

The House of Pops range is free from artificial colourings, flavourings, refined sugars, and rich in fibre. They are a fun, delicious way to get closer to your ‘Five A Day’ – and with an ever-growing selection of lovingly-crafted ice pop flavours in its Happiness, Keto, Dipped and Royal range, you’re spoilt for choice, too.

The taste of nature on a stick

House of Pops’ fruit-forward ice pops are vegan and feature just five or six natural ingredients. Its winning recipes are the secret behind its hand-crafted ice pops.

The Happiness range is essentially super tasty, super healthy frozen fruit on a stick. While there’s a ‘Fancy Choco’ (cocoa and coconut) one in the range, the rest are fruit and natural sweeteners – but in awesome flavour combos like Passion Fruit, Galactic Lime, Crazy Coconut, Mango Passion, Dragon

Colada, Watermelon and Blackberry Lemonade.

If Keto (high fat, low carb) is your thing, grab one of House of Pop’s keto range, which is more akin to ice cream – but unlike any ice cream you’ve ever tasted before. Featuring organic coconut milk and cream, natural fruits and natural sweeteners, these guilt-free treats also feature vegetable fibre for extra health benefits. You can choose from Strawberry, Coffee, Vanilla or Chocolate flavours.

The Dipped range includes Choco Chocolate, Choco Coconut, Choco Passion and Choco Strawberry -which are among the best-selling products – and dipped in 72% single origin Madagascar chocolate.

Royal Pops are larger – and dare we say, even more indulgent, ice cream bars, studded with real fruit pieces, making them the perfect healthy snack. The funky flavour catwalk includes indulgent Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Strawberry, Coconut Strawberry and Mango Strawberry.

Happiness and Dipped Pops and Keto ice creams come in 80ml servings, while the Royal Pops clock in at 123ml.

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