How Fashion Foresight Use Digital Fashion Technology Solutions

How Fashion Foresight Use Digital Fashion Technology Solutions

In the new age of fashion and retail, where competition for online attention is fierce and brands need to adopt smarter strategies in order to reach their goals for evolution, the effective use of technology has become an incredibly important part of doing business and brand survival. 

Our experiential agency provides future facing digital fashion technology solutions that will transform any brand to reach new heights. We use new and futuristic immersive retail technologies to connect, communicate and capture the imagination of your customers, from 3D virtual fashion shows to interactive in store experiences. We specifically assist in exploring new concepts with you and accessing the right technology to bring your unique innovations to life.

So how do we use new and futuristic retail technologies for brands to stay ahead of the competition? Here are our current key solutions:

  • We develop new and customised immersive concepts

The idea of retail is ever evolving. Consumers are now demanding more and gravitating towards brands that are more aware, in tune to their needs and are willing to meet them on their level. According to a recent Salesforce survey, 66% of customers say it takes more for a company to impress them with new products and services than ever before and that customers are now 9.5x more likely to view AI technology as revolutionary versus insignificant. What’s clear is that customers expect innovation, and brands MUST keep on pushing the limits.

In our structured process, we can assist in the research and development of innovative new concepts tailored for your brand’s experience, and understand exactly what your customer wants, before they even enter your store! Creating unparalleled experiences combined with a personal touch can be key to building intimate connections and bringing deeper value to customers, encouraging interaction with your products and leaving a lasting impression.

  • Let’s create a virtual world for your brand

In the face of the pandemic, fashion brands have embraced technology and shifted their strategies to adapt to the times. While the fashion industry is no stranger to technology, those who caught Congolese designer and Hanifa founder, Anifa Mvuemba’s debut collection via 3D fashion renderings on Instagram Live in May 2020, will have seen a ground-breaking display of just what is possible in fashion’s new normal!

Imagine having limitless creativity and possibility for your brand! With our innovative technology solutions, we can create incredible virtual worlds for your brand where shoppers can truly immerse themselves in your story. From 3D virtual runway shows where consumers can see your collection drop from the comfort of their homes, to interactive lookbooks to shop your catalogue and virtual fitting rooms to allow customers to ‘try before they buy’ in a frictionless and seamless way. We know exactly what technology can be used and how to make your virtual world a reality! 


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Fashion Foresight in collaboration with Africa Fashion Foundation joined forces to create Semblance World, Fashion’s entry into the metaverse! Now brands can explore gamification and immersive worlds for their audiences through our solutions, opening new opportunities in markets. 


How Fashion Foresight Use Digital Fashion Technology Solutions
Photo by: Andrey zvy


  • Use virtual AI to set yourself apart from your competitors

Given the complications of the last year, consumers are now more open to digital technologies and interactions than ever before! Unique technology solutions can also help to set your brand apart from competitors or assist in providing them with brand leverage – something that’s crucial to compete in today’s business landscape. For example, when using Ai in marketing from tweaking online ads to production suggestions, we have seen an increase from 14% to 18% percent. 

Want to provide an extra special service? Why not measure your clients digitally in store or even from home! Our technology tools allow you to measure clients from the comfort of their own home or in store without ever having to pull out a measuring tape. In a time where social distancing is still required, tailors can measure their clients anywhere and anytime – perfect for creating bespoke pieces for customers all over the world!

  • Get SMART with E-commerce

AI technology can not only help elevate the offline experiences for your customers, but can also help to upgrade your e-commerce offering, making it a lot easier for users to purchase. AI within e-commerce can allow for smarter product display, smarter pricing and product descriptions, and best of all, can analyse your customers as they visit and understand their buying needs!

Our smart e-commerce solutions can allow your online store to transform intelligently and start performing intuitively, helping to create streamlined processes and not only elevate your business, but also improve the bottom line – higher conversion rates!

Are you ready to bring your unique innovation to life through immersive retail technology? Get in touch and let’s how we can work together to achieve your brand vision!

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