How to update your home on a budget

As the new season approaches, it’s always refreshing to update various aspects of our lives and start the way we mean to go on. From revamping our wardrobes to healthy new routines and the food we eat, or taking a new approach to our overall health and wellbeing, the new season signifies an exciting opportunity for change and a brand new you. This also goes for your home too. Whether you are a homeowner or are renting your property, an interior refresh is always a great idea to bring in positive new energy and start the season in style.


It can be easy to assume that home renovations will be a costly affair and inevitable to run up high bills, however, this doesn’t need to be the case. With some careful planning and working smart, you can have a new and improved home of dreams in no time – and best of all, it can be cost-effective!


Here are our top tips to upgrade your home on a budget – 



Elevate the heart of your home – the kitchen. 

Typically the epicenter of the home, the kitchen is the perfect spot for cooking, hosting and entertaining. As we spend a lot of time in there, it’s important that it is decorated to your taste and style. One quick, eco-friendly and cost-effective way to do this, is by wrapping your kitchen cupboards, worktops and even floors, allowing you to upcycle and transform your space giving it a new lease of life. Taking much less time than a complete kitchen renovation, the Architectural Interior wrap covers your area seamlessly and lasts for 10 years leaving no damage to the original cupboards underneath – making it the perfect option if you are renting. Interior wrapping can also be used in other areas of your home including bathrooms and even individual pieces of furniture.  


We recommend – Creative Wrap, the first and original wrapping company in the UAE. Call 04-2725184 or WhatsApp 052 829 0318 to find out more.

Hide your clutter and accessorize wisely 

Showcase your space with well-thought-out accent accessories that look chic and understated. Copious amounts of ornaments and clutter can feel outdated and oppressive – which is not the vibe you need in your home! If you do have limited space, use multifunctional furniture and hidden storage where possible. Curate a beautiful space with simplistic candles, classic soft furnishings, vases and diffusers that can refresh a room instantly without spending a small fortune.


We recommend – Little Birdy Group, an online homeware and lifestyle store with a number of niche brands to bring a little uniqueness to your home. 

Refresh your walls 

A fresh coat of paint can give an instant update to your home without breaking the bank. Whether it’s a trendy feature wall, an ombre effect or clean, white-washed walls, paint is most definitely one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to update and modernise your home on a budget. When looking at colour schemes, it’s worth noting that dark shades can make a room appear smaller but can look striking and ultra cool as a feature wall. In addition you can have fun painting your doors in a fresh new hue and add some interesting handles to spark interest.  


We recommend – Tregoning Maintenance, a technical services company who offer a range of home maintenance services. Call 058 585 1190 to book your appointment. 



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