Khadi: From spinning wheel to fashion statement


Fashion show “FLO VIRASAT ” (Heritage) held at Indian Pavilion, Expo 2020 on 2nd October was a Mega event, which was celebrated on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday using “Khadi” as main fabric in the collection of 14 outfits. These clothes were designed by 13 Fashion Design students from Amity University Dubai. Khadi is derived from the word “Khaddar ” handspun textile which represents liberty and is a textile tradition of India. The basic khadi is handspun, hand-woven and coarse in nature made from cotton. The fibers are spun into yarn with spinning wheels, and then woven into fabrics using hand looms. The eco-friendly designs made of Khadi showcased a beautiful amalgamation of silks, cottons and muslins portraying the global cultures with modern twist. Use of drapes, layers, capes, trails and turbans represented India and the UAE in many ways. The runway was flooded with royalty, grace, modesty, luxury and class. Khadi is a timeless fabric – classy, simplistic and breezy, which has an authentic vintage appeal – Gaurang Shah

Many designers have experimented with fabrics which are versatile with rugged texture, and have given it a new spin in their collections. This collection by Amity University Dubai Fashion students have given the fabric a chic look that can offer itself for daily wear, formal and evening wear – from jumpsuits to gowns. Khadi spirit means to be surrounded by Simplicity – MK Gandhi

White and off white use of fabrics symbolizing purity, peace, elegant and sleek, were mesmerizing and even more astonishing on the ramp as the simple methods of coffee and tea were used as natural dyes to enhance the Khadi fabric. Textures were created using various techniques like basket weave created with scraps of Khadi (cottons, jute and silks), pleats, tucks, ripped and frayed effects were major highlights of the collection.

Every design was embarked with 7 meters of fabric as turban which is known as the “Pagri”, a symbol of royalty, pride, honor and respect as it is worn. The students created a perfect set of accessories and a collection of jewelry to match each outfit that walked the Runway. These were all hand crafted and made from scraps of khadi, jute and clay.

The show relayed the experience of Glitz and Glamour on the prestigious Runway creating awareness of the Indian Textile Heritage and a fashionable Khadi movement to promote sustainable fashion and social responsibility.

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