Maison Dentaire, the first oral care and well-being concept store in UAE, is now open at Gate Avenue, DIFC, Dubai The ultimate gold luxury – the toothpaste with gold and diamond particles

Maison Dentaire

Maison Dentaire, the first concept store in UAE specialised in premium oral care solutions and high-quality natural supplements for wellbeing, is officially open at Gate Avenue, DIFC, Dubai. The concept store plays home to a range of global brands, like Curaprox, Biogena, Be You, Swiss Smile, Dentaid and Gengigel, which provide top of the range luxury oral care products and dietary supplements. 

As real beauty always comes from within, Maison Dentaire supports and positively impacts the overall health of its consumers, providing top of the range oral care products, covering every medical necessity, and a complex line of natural supplements which nourish the body with vital micronutrients. 

Curaprox and Swiss Smile professional dental care products are made in Switzerland, Dentaid Spain and Gengigel in Italy, while the Biogena supplements line is made in Austria. All products are subject of decades of clinical studies and excellency in providing the best quality and results.

Top brands available at Maison Dentaire

Maison Dentaire concept store retails a wide range of global brands, like Curaprox, Biogena, Be You, Swiss Smile, Dentaid or Gengigel.

Swiss Smile leaves classic oral care behind by combining aesthetic luxury designs with innovative formulas and the finest ingredients. The Swiss brand is offering unique luxury products like 23.75 carat gold dust toothpaste, one carat diamond particles toothpaste, gold plated toothbrushes, dental conditioners and many more.  

Curaprox is your go-to brand if you are looking for flavoured gentle whitening toothpaste, charcoal toothpastes, or ultra-soft 5000+ filaments toothbrushes. 

Dentaid offers a wide range of dental solutions which are specifically tailored to particular needs (bad breath, whitening, gum health, sensitivity, ortho as well as kids and junior ranges).

If you are looking for pure high-quality supplements, Maison Dentaire also has you covered in terms of general well-being.  Austrian brand, Biogena, offers a wide range of carefully manufactured supplements and vitamins, which are quality tested & free of additives, gluten, lactose & colouring agents. 

From Biogena you can choose between multiple supplements designed for everyday use such as high quality and absorbable Vitamin C, D, Zinc and Magnesium, plus a wide range of carefully crafted supplements for Gut Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Kid’s Health, Energy, Sleep and Brain Health. 

The ultimate luxury: Gold and Diamond toothpaste  

Maison Dentaire brings, exclusively to UAE, the top luxury oral care brand worldwide- Swiss Smile. 

It combines the world known clinical proven results with innovative and unique aesthetics.

d’Or- Gold Toothpaste and Toothbrush Set

This valuable tooth gel contains exquisite 23.75 carat gold dust. Its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties effectively support your dental health. It can be ideally paired with the ultra-soft gold-plated toothbrush which proves to be perfect companion for transforming the daily oral care into a precious and eye-catching experience. 

Diamond Glow 

The Diamond Glow toothpaste contains one carat diamond in finest particles and is perfect for teeth whitening maintenance. Thanks to its extremely low abrasiveness, the surface of the teeth is gently whitened and smoothened. Naturally anti-inflammatory curcumin inhibits plaque build-up. It is also SLS free. 

Snow White   

Pure whitening power is a highly potent formula that removes persistent stains and gives the tooth surface a white, natural sheen. The whitening toothpaste brightens teeth and gives you a lasting, healthy, and dazzling white smile from the first use onwards. SLS free, also.

The all-inclusive range of products available at Maison Dentaire includes toothpastes, dental conditioners, toothbrushes, lip glosses and lip balms – all designed to care for every aspect of dental and mouth aesthetic care. 

The ultimate power: Diamond & Gold grade supplements

Biogena Diamonds

A supplement unique in the world, Biogena Diamonds contains 44 high quality ingredients in pure formula. It is the ultimate vitamin combination to keep you healthy, energized, focused, balanced and in glow.

Biogena Gold Range

These are multiple supplements holding the gold standard in premium concentrated quality, designed for maximum absorption. This range includes multiple unique formulas such as Fit@Work (to counteract everyday stress at work and support resilience) or Miraskin (a beauty formula with a premium complex of hyaluronic acid, collagen, Biotin and Vitamin C).

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