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Lilla Bolyki is a 35-year-old Hungarian entrepreneur that is about to change the game with her unique reinvention of the entire beauty pageant concept. Her upcoming project will not only redefine the fading image of influencers, but offer a multi-platform advertising system to its sponsors.

“Call it cliché but my team and I truly believe that you can’t change the world by being like the world. Stand alone, stand apart, stand out, stand for something”, says Bolyki. Miss Influencer stands for all the strong, independent, influential, credible and beautiful women in Dubai, regardless of their marital status, nationality or religion. 

Miss Influencer is looking for someone who is ready to represent women empowerment and send meaningful messages to her community through real, genuine content. This someone should share our dream of demolishing the toxic culture of untrue, exaggerated content that young users across the world find themselves comparing their lives to, and eager to educate younger generations in their social media journey. Excellent communication skills, creativity, unstoppable personality and a real story to tell will also be key qualities sought throughout the selection process.

Unlike standard beauty pageants which put major emphasis on physical qualities, Miss Influencer will highlight just how incredibly interesting women can be without revealing too much skin via innovative competitions to showcase their influence. Each contestant will pick an envelope including a topic associated with women empowerment and a sponsor brand. The mission is to create social media campaigns related to their allocated topic in correlation to themselves, emphasizing their skills, creativity, originality and resourcefulness, while generating organic engagement.

The 50 applicants that qualify for the semi-final will have the chance to introduce themselves to the judges, public and media during a live show on the 10th of November at YUMÈ Restaurant located in Ramee Dream Hotel, with the top 15 contestants announced by the end of the event.  These contestants will attend the 5-star Miss Influencer Boot Camp over the span of 3 days and will participate in various challenges, workshops, programs, photoshoots and further preparation for the final mega show. From there only 12 contestants will go on to the next round and be given the opportunity to represent themselves at the award ceremony taking place on the 3rd of December at CAVO.

The judges and invitees include celebrities, royal designers, mega influencers and esteemed socialites such as author Nezha Alaoui, women’s leadership advocate DEI and ESG, President of Middle East Fashion Week Antonio Ruberl, Couture Designer Angelo Estera, CEO of The House of Victor Holding Martin Victor al Masri, TV presenter Angela Gegg and Miss South Africa Shajar Khan.

The winner takes all. Miss Influencer will secure the upcoming year for the winner by offering 100,000 AED cash, a 5-star hotel suite in Ramee Dream Hotel for the year, a dream car, a magazine cover in the January issue of The Victor Magazine and so much more. The goal is to create a comfortable environment for the winner by providing all the necessary fundamentals, allowing her to focus on the overall growth of her brand, social media empire, and financial wellbeing. 

Find out more about Miss Influencer on https://www.miss-influencer.com

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