Mizensir announces its latest creation, Ambre Magique

Ambre Magique

Finest Quality, Utter Perfection, Elegance

On 28th December, a symbol of craftsmanship and excellence, Mizensir will launch its latest fragrance for women, Ambre Magique across the UAE. A tribute to ambergris, the fragrance builds on the legacy of the family-owned perfume house, a vision born of Creator and Founder Alberto Morillas.

Ambre Magique pays homage to a theme dear to Alberto Morillas; liveliness and confidence. An ode to ambergris, an extraordinary material that was thought by many to have come from the mystical land of dragons, or found flowing from fountains at the bottom of the ocean. Inspired by this realm of legends, wonders and fantastic powers, Alberto Morillas created a fragrance that is alluring and nostalgically glamorous.

This exquisitely refined fragrance enhances the sensorial journey through Dreamwood and Benzoin essence, the base of the perfume. Here, the notes set the tone by playing on the balance and contrast of the other ingredients such as Bourbon Vanilla and Musk found at the base. A fragrance that is unique and yet familiar, Ambre Magique is an elixir, a concentrate of a thousand fragrances and the stories that inspired them.

Furthermore, the fine perfume embodies the unique trifecta of luminosity, sensuality, and woody intensity. Made with Amber and cachalox, the scent creates a kaleidoscope of olfactory sensations. Mandarin combines with cardamom, before rounding off with orange blossom and the elegance of a Bulgarian rose to wrap the wearer in warmth.

Creator and Founder Alberto Morillas remains unwaveringly committed to quality, perfection and elegance. When describing his vision for Ambre Magique, he explained: “Amber is a fabulous material for a perfumer. Just saying its name is enough to make the imagination come alive. I am fascinated by its warm and bewitching fragrance and immediately have images and sensations that inspire and are expressed in the creation. Amber is a scent that speaks volumes on the skin, as much as it pleases the senses. So I wanted to tell my story, by creating a link between beautiful vanilla and a type of wood used for the first time in composition, Dreamwood. This ingredient lives up to its name and blends wonderfully with amber. This is the magic of fragrant synchronicity,” said Alberto Morillas.

Since 2015, the brand has expanded its portfolio, with a foray into the creation of its unisex perfume line, showcasing over 20 breathtaking scents. With Mizensir Perfumes, Alberto Morillas sought to cultivate his own “secret garden” of scents, producing more personal creations, combining the finest raw materials with traditional perfume-making techniques.

Mizensir continues to be lauded amongst many fragrance connoisseurs in the region, in part credited to the quality of the brand’s products, but also due to its sophisticated range of fragrances within the collection.

Ambre Magique AED 1,435 will launch on 28th December across all points of sale in the UAE.

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