Last summer, MONIN has introduced Muscovado Sugar to its collection of Craft Sugar Syrups. Made using muscovado sugar from Mauritius, the new product joins the existing line-up, including Agave and Cane Sugar, each delivering various sweet notes when added to cocktails and other drinks from hot beverages, coffee cocktails and to even chilled drinks.

In addition to the launch of Muscovado, MONIN has reformulated its current syrups and introduced a new pack design, to provide a full and complementary craft sugar offering. Each recipe is made using the highest quality unrefined raw sugar, which provides every syrup with a distinct and aromatic flavour, whilst balancing both sweetness and character.

Perfectly adapted for use by baristas and mixologists alike, MONIN’s Muscovado Sugar Syrup from Mauritius, along with the rest of the range, provide the ideal solution for operators wanting to enrich their summer drinks offering. Each provides a distinctive profile from different origins, delivering complexity and sweetness. MONIN’s Agave Sugar Syrup from Mexico delivers smoky, herbal and honey notes, while the Mauritian Cane Sugar Syrup, provides a more neutral sweet taste.

With over 30% of the most popular cocktails made with classic sugar syrups, MONIN’s Craft Sugar Syrup range offers menu versatility for both classic and complex cocktail and mocktail recipes, whilst providing operators with an alternative to refined white sugar.

Lee Hyde, Beverage Innovation Manager at MONIN, says “Increasingly both our mixology and barista customers are looking for more natural ingredients to make their creations, with distinct flavour and story-telling key to the consumer appeal.

“We’ve used our extensive knowledge to produce a versatile and easy to use product, which provides a genuine flavour profile, with a compelling origin story – providing real added value to your menu.

“As the latest addition to the Craft Sugar Syrups range, MONIN Muscovado Sugar Syrup is the perfect ingredient to elevate your creations to the next level. Mauritius is noted for offering the largest variety of Muscovado sugar globally, from soft and light to dark and bitter. The Mauritian Muscovado selected for MONIN’s new Sugar Syrup has been chosen to deliver balance and presents notes of dried fruits, gingerbread, and bitter caramel, which will add hints of intense, woody spirits aged in casks. It also combines really well with Cold Brew coffee delivering chocolate notes.”
Muscovado Iced Latte
20ml MONIN Muscovado sugar syrup
150ml cold milk
30 ml espresso
Pour MONIN Muscovado syrup and milk into a glass with ice cubes. Float single espresso on top.
MONIN’s range of craft sugars are available now in 70cl formats, supported by a range of marketing assets, including imagery, video and recipes.

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