More than a restaurant, TROVE is launching at Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue


The art gallery restaurant is set to become a meeting point for people who are not content with less

TROVE is a new generation restaurant that consists of three different parts. A cafe, restaurant and lounge where guests can enjoy the magnificent harmony of art and food. The venue located in Dubai Mall is the first project of Gastronaut, an F&B group established by a partnership between Turkish restaurateurs Orkan Doğancı and Ahmet Oytun Çakır. TROVE was born in Dubai and aims to fuse the flavors of Dubai to the world

It is possible to eat art

The menu prepared by Chef Doğukan Duguncu and his team, offers guests the chance to eat art.,. Chef Dogukan has experienced the world’s famous cuisines  in Le Cordon Bleue, La Petit Maison, Aman Hotels and Nammos  


A gastronomical journey combined with modern art is presented to you as a menu on a world map divided into five regions.  American and south american , mediterranean, middle eastern and asian cuisines best selling , food trends combined in one menu with an artistic Trove twist.


TROVE plans to surprise guests with a special dish called “KCANVAS” which offers food painted on a CANVAS

At TROVE, where you can witness multiple surprises and dining options, guests are invited to enjoy the Mediterranean fusion of Asian , Italian, French  and other international dishes with an emphasis on art, presentation and great fresh flavors.

TROVE promises to provide its guests with amazing experiences as well as world flavors. It has a menu that also features sushi, yakitori, mexican taco, veal milanese, orzo with lobster and many more special dishes. 

Mixology and shisha 

Drinks at TROVE also attract attention with their presentation  from nitro coffee to tea, even offering shisha, served by gurus who pair the most suitable accompaniment to the meal. If you wish, you can be the Davinci and Michelangelo of your food by capturing your own tea and tastes and naming them.

 The Ambiance The ambiance of the place is designed to draw you in from the moment you first walk in. With the glamor of pink, the nobility of gray and black and the harmony of other shades, you will not only feel at home, but also you will feel even more special with the fine details of quality

At TROVE, the interiors have been thought through to the finest detail, everywhere is a work of art. 

TROVE, offers guests the chance to capture immortal photo frames with details in each corner; while you are in an art gallery by day, you will be beamed into the future by  hidden graffiti at night. Behind all these details, the signatures of great artists are hidden. Pichaivio is the artist who created the wall art graffiti which combines with Michalengelo’s murals    The floral decoration of the unusual place will be made by Mrflowerfantastic, which has gained fame for its designs for brands such as Air-Jordan, LV.  .

 The mission of TROVE, which is  the largest restaurant in The Dubai Mall,  Fashion Avenue  with the best fountain and Burj Khalifa views in the terrace



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