New Summer Season Blooming Middle East Weddings

A rustic-style bouquet for the bride of Crown Prince of Jordan, a canopy of violet flowers at the Lulu family Indian wedding and a white classic for a Dubai Royal Wedding
A beautiful wedding is a breathtaking spectacle to behold, let alone a celebrity wedding or one involving the royals. This one definitely warrants particular scrutiny and a breakdown. Flowwow marketplace experts, florists with years of experience under their belts, weighed in on the three bombastic wedding ceremonies that kicked off the summer season and shared their insights as to how you can incorporate their concepts come your big day.

Crown Prince of Jordan’s wedding: Hummers, shoulder straps, and dahlias
The wedding of Hussein, Crown Prince of Jordan, and Rajwa Al Saif followed the rustic design patterns. This style celebrates natural, organic, and muted beauty in all of its aspects.

Venue: The official photos show the couple against a blooming lush green garden, the best decorations for a rustic-style ceremony. The abundant vegetation gives off a vibe of airy freshness and a casual romantic feel of this perfectly arranged event.

Cars: Crown Prince Hussein and his bride drove out of the gate in a high-end white Hummer heavily embroidered with white flowers and textured greenery. An understated solution color-wise and an amazing one in terms of the narrative arc.

Bride’s dress: A noble-looking creamy white gown is spiced up by an elegant asymmetrical bra in a perfectly struck balance between conservatism and swagger.

Bride’s bouquet: A small classical bouquet of trendy muted colors, dusty rose and milk white, dotted with fluffy greens. The main color picked for the ceremony was an unusual choice: a peach dahlia. These flowers can be spotted on the hood of the car along with prairie gentians and Italian ruscus plants.

Flowwow Expert’s commentary:
“A rustic wedding style is a perfect solution if you’re looking for a classical yet elegant and zesty ceremony. This style draws upon nature itself: lots of organic fabrics, natural shades and textures of the vegetation and leaves.

The stunning bride’s bouquet is a nod to traditional British royal weddings, a combination of tiny wildflowers, fine-textured leaves, and large garden buds. The shading was carefully engineered so that the bright lights make the bouquet look muted white, while in the shadows, it oozes peach and nude colors. The main flower boasts originality, too. A dahlia has some great texture to it, but it’s not as common as a rose or a peony.”
If you’re dreaming of a rustic wedding, go with the complex natural shades: a crisp pure white bouquet of peonies or roses would be overly sophisticated for the event. You’d be better off getting flowers of more complex and muted colors and adding a plethora of textured vegetation. The vegetation can be also used in the decoration of the hall, your car, and pageant dinner tables.”

Lulu Family Wedding: a grass carpet, a larkspur wall, and a prairie gentian swing set

Yet another wedding of the new season was a pageant marriage of age-old traditions and current trends.

Venue: The choice of the venue, the Emirates Palace, provides instant testimony to the significance of the event. The guests were amazed by the cascading floor-to-ceiling floral garlands. The ceremony was dominated by the violet palette of stock flowers, larkspurs, and prairie gentians. Afterward, the lovestruck couple was also showered with flower petals

Photo zone setting. A romantic spot with a swing set followed the best traditions of modern flower arrangements to include various herbs and even a fresh grass carpet for the bride and the groom. Florists receive bundles of such grass in purpose-designed containers. A landscape style flower arrangement is made of different types of roses, larkspurs, hydrangeas, sea lavender, and prairie gentians. Such a photo zone setting costs approximately $5,000.

Wedding cake: There’s no proper Indian wedding without tons of yummy goodness. The toothsome menu at this wedding was crowned by a majestic four-tier cake.

Bride’s dress. A massive layered traditional saturated pink outfit with heavily embroidered intricate beadwork looks both classy and authentic.

Flowwow Expert’s commentary:
“Indian weddings are typically bristling with flowers. The event spans several days, and each day involves a new fresh flower arrangement setup. One day can feature orange colors, followed by a day of pink and a day of violet, as happened to be the case with the Lulu family wedding

A crowded and affluent Indian wedding often boasts sophistication, pageantry, and rare patterns. And fresh flowers are a must: they boost the wedding’s vibrancy. The decor is made up of gentle, romantic hues that serve to emphasize the newlyweds’ young age and beauty. From a floristic standpoint, violet larkspur and stock arrows symbolize masculinity, while pink roses connote femininity.

Want an Indian-style wedding? Spare no fantasy! Dare to mesh together bright hues, use glitter and embroidery, and tap into glistening fabrics on top of a combination of masculine and feminine symbols running through the decor motifs.”

Wedding of Sheikh Mana and Sheikha Mahra: gypsophila clouds and fragrant roses

A wedding worthy of the pages of a textbook on classic wedding floristry.

Venue: The venue for the ceremony was Said Hall at the Dubai World Trade Center. The color of the festival was white.

Men’s wedding: According to tradition, all family members and male guests first met in a chamber setting. The photo from the men’s wedding shows that it was also decorated with white flowers – luxurious orchids and hydrangeas.

Photo zone: Laconic and luxurious, decorated with lush garlands of airy gypsophila and large ivory roses.

Bride’s dress: A classic, as if from a fairy tale, richly embroidered white dress with a crinoline and a puffy train descending from the sleeves. The image was completed with a set of jewelry with dazzling large diamonds.

Bouquet: A classic, perfectly round composition with lilies of the valley, one of the most expensive and exquisite wedding flowers. In the language of floristry, lily of the valley means sincere love and fidelity.

Cake: Social networks were captivated by a photo in which the newlyweds cut a giant 7-tiered cake with a saber, decorated in a single elegant style: without small details, strictly, but luxuriously.

Flowwow Expert Comments:
“In our opinion, the wedding was done in a purely classical style, but for the wedding ceremony of the Royal Family members, this was a very elegant and, I would say, a discreet option. The main element of the decor were fresh flowers. Volume in flower compositions was achieved due to gypsophila, an airy and, I would say, symbolic wedding flower. It is a pity that the photos do not convey the smell: the premium O’Hara roses chosen for decoration not only look chic, but also have a very delicate, sensual aroma. This is one of the most elegant flowers in wedding floristry!

This wedding is a vivid example of how one can make a wedding ceremony royally luxurious, but not pompous. No golden glitter, no frills in the decor, while everything is incredibly beautiful.

Classics in wedding floristry can be not boring and very elegant if you choose only 1-2 types of flowers, but use them as generously as possible. Try to make the compositions more voluminous than colorful: the best option is to stay in the traditional white and cream tones.”

About Flowwow:
Flowwow is a Hungarian-based startup which is currently expanding its services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region collaborating with local businesses providing them with platforms and tools to flourish and gain loyal customers. The customers can avail the joy of gifting from an array of items like flowers, cakes, jewelry, and cosmetics using the Flowwow mobile app or the desktop site. The brand aims to simplify and enhance the joy of gifting through services like speedy-same day deliveries, product photos before the delivery and curated product lists from various local businesses. You can surprise your loved ones from any part of the world as Flowwow is a home to 11,000+ local brands from 1000+ cities.

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