Nicci Clark – Founder of Re:Nourish

Nicci Clark

Nicci Clark founded Re:Nourish in 2018 as the world’s first fresh soup in a microwavable, fully recyclable bottle. Founder, Nicci has a critical care nurse background and after seeing so many people come in with life threatening illness’s, she felt compelled to start a brand that would make a difference to the world’s health. 

Nicci not only has a medical background but also qualified in nutrition and reflexology, “health is firmly in her DNA” She started ‘Nourished’ in 2010, a pioneering company specialising in nutritionally balanced meals and soups that would be delivered directly to customers’ doors.. One night, standing in the kitchen at 3am she asked herself: ‘Why don’t we put these nutritious soups in bottles?’. This was the light bulb moment for Re:Nourish. 

Nicci headed to the US to embark on the start of the Re:Nourish journey and find the perfect grab and go, microwavable bottle. After speaking to a number of people she soon realised that nothing like this existed. After 9 months of hard work and over 100 designs, the Re:Nourish bottle was finalised. The world’s first fresh soup, in a microwavable, fully recyclable bottle. This allows consumers to have Re:Nourish either hot or cold, from a specifically designed bottle that can be opened, re-sealed and taken on the go.

Passionate about innovation and sustainability, it was a no-brainer that the bottle should be 100% recyclable-including the cap, label and bottle: meaning consumers don’t have to compromise on the environment while eating a nutritious meal on the go.

Award winning Re:Nourish soups all have a health function. From the best selling ‘Immunity’ – Kale Spinach and Turmeric which is packed full of vitamins, to ‘Digest’ – Roasted Carrot & Ginger which is good for the gut. Nicci wants to completely change the landscape of food on the go and wants people to make a connection between eating well and feeling well, “food is medicine”  All soups within the range are packed full of natural vitamins, fibre and protein.

Re:Nourish is truly disrupting the $18.8 billion global soup market and has seen monumental success since its launch in the UK, having grown an impressive 50% in 2021. The products are currently available at Waitrose and Spinneys and the brand is experiencing incredible expansion with products available in the Middle East, Far East, Europe and will soon be in Australia. All we can say is watch this space.


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