Perfect Corp. Launches a New Intuitive Web Widget for the Virtual Try-on Makeup Online Service

Perfect Corp

Perfect Corp., the leading augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider today announced the launch of Makeup Virtual Try-On Online Service, the end-to-end solution set to empower indie beauty brands to take their businesses to the next level.


Bringing Virtual Try-On Capabilities to Indie Beauty Brands

The robust solution democratizes access to the award-winning tech that has been transforming ecommerce experiences in the beauty and fashion industries for consumers around the world. The deployment of Online Service will allow small businesses to tap into the power of AI & AR virtual try-on technology, and begin offering the immersive shopping experiences that consumers in the digital-first world have come to expect.

Introducing the Virtual Try-On Web Widget Designed for Lightning-Fast Deployment

The Online Service solution comes equipped with an all-new Virtual Try-On Web Widget. This innovative tool makes AR Virtual Try-On deployment easier than ever before. Brands and retailers using the solution will find the process quick and easy, removing all barriers to entry, and making the technology truly accessible to all.


Shifting the Paradigm with Online Service

“It is an absolute pleasure for us to be announcing the new Online Service solution” said Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO, Alice Chang “Widening the scope and reach of our innovations will undoubtedly translate into tangible growth for  indie beauty brands and retailers, and allow them to stand proudly alongside industry giants. We are excited to be offering our solutions to more and more brands of all sizes, and look forward to seeing these technologies further integrate into modern-day ecommerce ecosystems.”

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