February Issue 21 – The Feelings Issue

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Recently someone asked me, if I had three wishes in life, what would they be?
Stumped! Not because I have it all, or I am whatever I wanted to be or that I have arrived at wherever I wanted to. It’s just that answering this question is complicated.
Aren’t we all doing, striving, achieving something at all times? And in the bargain, in this endless quest to get all our wishes fulfilled, are we missing out on what life really is about? In an attempt to be evolved, are we forgetting to be involved…with ourselves. Let’s for once delve deeper into our feelings instead of consistently living a few steps ahead.
Feelings serve a purpose, they are often the anchor that help you dive right in and come up with creative solutions when obstacles arise. The more we bravely express ourselves, the easier it gets. Sometimes by standing out rather than fitting in. If you feel like your true self is lost under the debris of fitting in, take heart. You are closer than you think.
Every day we are given opportunities to explore what makes us the happiest. So, look within, see what ignites your soul. Try adhering less importance to other people’s approval or validation. Learn to become more self-assured with your choices, appearances and perception of who you are. We often run on autopilot—not slowing down enough to look inside and discover what we are really feeling. This constant outward search for approval is often the reason why we don’t look for an internal source of approval.
Do your fears and thoughts of how others perceive you impede your progress? Has the ‘you’ that you feel in your heart become so small and so far away from who you truly are? Then it is time that you begin taking those little fragments of yourself back, to put them together – in one big piece.
As the month of January bids farewell and the world plummets into the commercialized month of love and relationships, we @Victor beg to differ. We are on a path, a unique one of a kind, and perhaps the right one. I say ‘perhaps’ because there are a million other paths that are yet to be explored. But at this moment, there’s a certain sense of ease in the direction the team is headed towards, and somehow it feels right, to the extent that it need not be questioned.
For us, February is about feelings…your feelings. It is about self-love and we wish to delve deeper with you at the core of it all.
So, in this present moment, how are you feeling?  Are you growing up to be who you truly are? Come, let us get intentional about showing ourselves some love.
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