August Issue 15 – The Creators

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A 22-year-old content creator becomes famous with over 200 million followers on social media for calling out meaningless life hacks. While some digital eco-warriors using social media tools to create awareness about climate change and sustainable living garner less than a hundred views / likes / followers. To be fair, if you don’t have the content to provide your audience, all else fails.

The modern world driven by the internet allows all of us to dabble in a multitude of things. It allows us to constantly evolve our minds in ways that previous generations did not have opportunities to.

When Bill Gates wrote an essay titled content is king in 1996 – he suggested most of the money generated on the internet would come from content, much like broadcasting. And indeed, in the digital world the phrase cannot be overemphasised because powerful content helps you sell your services and grow businesses. Over the years, the web has transformed buying behaviour. Today effective marketing is all about creating high quality content and sharing it across the web.

The new ventilator called social media of the current globalized world did not pause despite the hardships of 2020. If the pandemic taught us anything, it is the utmost importance of thinking about our audience with compassion and using emotional intelligence in our messaging and design. Whether it is the lasagne or the seafood paella on the plate, it has to pose every morning for the foodies out there. It is therefore guaranteed – well-executed content engages your audience!

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