March Issue 22 – The Yin Yang Issue


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Differences are natural. Nature itself says that we can’t have a north pole without having the south pole in a magnet. Take a look at the yin and yang symbol. It does not represent any specific philosophy but is based on the observation of nature. It can be interpreted in several ways, one of which explains the coexistence of good and bad in everything. On one hand it may project shadow, softness, silence, femininity while on the other it may portray light, rigidity, action, heat and masculinity.

@Victor, we consider ourselves a collective balance of the yin and yang energy. We focus on creativity, which is complementary, interconnected and interdependent. The yin dreams up ideas, and then yang builds a frame around them. With that I mean, creativity is not just about doing things, but about immersing yourself completely in your work. We open our minds and then constrain them. That way it is easier to concentrate on a single goal, a single task and then garner towards submission.

Have you ever thought of clothing styles in terms of ‘receding and advancing’? Or how it relates to all personality styles and why each style communicates in the way it does?
Try taking a mental tour of your wardrobe, the predominant choice of styles and colours and what they communicate. Now evaluate your own physical appearance and what it may naturally communicate. Does your dressing preference utilize the yin and yang design concepts to balance your appearance to communicate the intrinsic you? That needs paying attention…attention to who you truly are and what you exude. You no doubt already have a great sense of style. So, why not hone and own it?

Creative calling precedes great art. It emerges even before we can articulate it. The mind is a place of chaos and confusion, working in abstract reality instead of concrete words. The synergy between imagination and rationality is what makes you see things in a new way. The artists and creators we work with and showcase in our magazine seem to be wary of the thin line between creation and consumption. That is what gives life meaning and flavor, I must admit.

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