May Issue 13 – Latin America here we come


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The most powerful of all human sensory abilities is perhaps ‘vision’. It is therefore no surprise that visual cues are the greatest catalyst of behavior. That leads me to the point that I have been reflecting on. Can a small change in what we see lead to a big shift in what you do??

I breathe every moment of my life in a creative environment. Our team does not believe in settling for ‘satisfaction’, for when we are satisfied with our work, there is nothing to push us forward. We are in a constant process of altering our sense of certainty, creating new existences. If creativity is a necessity, then investing in our creative selves—no matter who we are or what we do—is a matter of ensuring that we show up in the world.

We at The Victor Magazine have been enormously busy spinning new ideas and reimagining our very being. All for the Latin American fashion tour that beckons next. It is a country that proudly boasts of its reputation in producing celebrated fashion designers on the world’s stage of fashion. The much-awaited tour aims at creating a truly exceptional and unique fashion experience. It is not just about fabulous collections, sensual styles exuding elegance, creations revealing impeccable cuts. It is about the platform called fashion that brings together and unites people and different disciplines in a constant dialogue with the surrounding society. It is about making the inaccessible a reality. At Victor, making space for new perceptions and new meanings is not an exception, but a habit.

Ahoy the highly diversified Latin America! Here we come! Together, with fashion, we can be the change we wish to see in fashion. We help to spark change, in big ways and in small ways.

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