May Issue 23-The 2nd Anniversary

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It takes courage to be a real winner. Not in the sense of staying on top at all times, but a winner at responding to life. At this, let me cite my own example.
Exactly a year ago, we @Victor were at the top of the world for having completed 1 solid year of being in circulation. I was in awe of our perseverance and couldn’t stop regaling at our tenacity and drive. Success requires fine observation of human nature and refinement of the self. It requires one to be shrewd, wise, discerning and penetrating. Businesses that thrive, do so by incorporating the agility that drives change with the necessary practical mechanisms to deliver the desired impact while operating within their risk appetite.
Starting your own venture is all about trial and error. It requires you to assess through the process to find what works for you and what resonates with potential customers. Apparently, 90 percent of startups fail!
Elon Musk’s babies – Tesla and SpaceX are on the forefronts of amazing technological developments. But back in 2008, when both companies were young, the 2008 economic crisis did take a toll on Musk’s visions. A brilliant idea of renting out air mattresses in houses’ living rooms – Airbnb (today worth more than $1 billion) seemed far-fetched, perhaps absurd, back in 2008. There was a time when founders Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky struggled to gain any meaningful momentum to their project. It’s hard to imagine, FedEx was once a startup, and had in fact almost failed.
The success stories of these and many other companies are differentiated not because of their stellar qualities, but because of their commitment to persevere. AGAINST ALL ODDS. Because, if you truly believe in your idea and see a vision for its success, for the most dedicated entrepreneurs and the brightest ideas out there, there’s always a potential path forward.
As I look back on our trials, tribulations and triumphs, we have only one response. We are amazed at how much has changed! The principles of success are free to all, however only a minority seem to take advantage of that. We @Victor seem to have aced at that.
Congratulations team! 2nd Anniversary it is!

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