October Issue 17 – The Pinktober Issue

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Try whispering to your body, a silent conversation between you two. Tell your body, I want to be kinder to you, how about being friends? What do you think your body would respond to?

I am not sure if you have noticed, but your body speaks to you all day long. It keeps giving hints on what it needs to keep you healthy, comfortable, and happy. And if you are anything like me, you too would be taking care of your body ‘in numbers’.  Workout a number of hours. Check off all the numbered items on your to-do list, no matter how tired you are. Keep a tab on what you eat, count calories, carbs or points. Struggle to see a certain number on the scale and to fit into a certain dress size. Count your wrinkles, check the grays.

That is how we have been taught to live our lives…ignore what our bodies tell us in order to please the world around us. Don’t you think we all have a role to play?

In this ‘pink issue’ for the month of October, The Victor Magazine aims to dive deeper into health and beauty to have a better understanding of how to lead a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to helping you garner awareness towards health and skincare. Find out what other innovations are making waves in the health world in terms of healthy drinks – be it to detox the body for glowing skin, or for the reduction of weight.

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