Real Men wear Pink. How do you wear yours?

It’s an important question to ask considering it’s a colour that will dominate this Spring Summer.

It’s as equally romantic as it is a seductive colour and perceived as a feminine tone. It is combined by two colours. Passionate and strong warm tone red mixed with the purity and innocence of white making it a romantic, affectionate, intimate, thoughtful and a caring colour. Psychology

Here’s some simple advice from Author and International Colour Consultant Jules Standish on finding the right Pink for your skin tone.

“There are many psychological benefits for men to find a pink that suits them, but the shade is key to looking good as well as feeling good. A man with a cool blue based skin-tone will appear healthy and attractive wearing the cooler pinks like magenta and fuchsia along with the softer pastel roses and carnations. Those with warm, yellow undertones in their complexion need to stick with the warmer shades of salmon, coral and peachy pinks to bring out the best of their appearance.”

If you don’t know where to start I suggest with subtle accessorising. Belts, Pocket squares and splashes of interest in cufflinks, socks and even soft Pink high tops. Shirts always look classy under a navy suit, and also the perfect cool compliment to white.

There are many shades and names to choose from. Baby powder, soft candy, sexy, fuschia, hot, blush, rosey, cerise, sunset, bubblegum, coral, magenta, flamingo, ruby, french rose, salmon, neon and pastel. Experiment to find the hues that match your personality.

5 reasons to wear pink.

  1. You wear pink because you are strong in your character and enlightened in your mind not to worry about conforming to colour dress codes.
  2. Women have an affinity to pink and when you wear pink it will catch their attention.
  3. Pink has a broad depth of shade and tone. It’s a versatile colour that can work with most other colours in your wardrobe.
  4. International colour consultant Jules says, pink suits cool and warm skin tone. Determine which is your skin tone, then find the perfect harmonious hues.
  5. Historically Pink was seen as a strong masculine colour. Pink has only been associated with girls since the early 1900s..

In conclusion,

Pink is Love.

Pink is playful.

Pink is colourful.

Pink will make them wink.

Pink is best worn with confidence.

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