Real Steps with Real People: Reebok MENA Celebrates Inspiring Female Trailblazers with DailyFit DMX

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Reebok MENA puts the spotlight on women who are making an impact and leading the way for a shift in perspective as the brand salutes three unique women paving the way for future generations. With the Reebok DailyFit DMX silhouette that supports women to live active lifestyles, Gift Solomon, Dr. Mai Abdelsalam, and Huda Al Matroushi are championing all day movement and comfort as they navigate their days breaking the mold of traditional female employment roles. Reebok MENA shared the latest drop of the DailyFit DMX to these inspiring women to see how the latest release impacted their everyday lives:

Introducing Gift Solomon – The UAE’s First Female Delivery Driver 

Hailing from Nigeria, Gift set out to be a delivery driver without second thought not just because she has to, but she believes that what men can, women can do as well. Displaying the ultimate statement in breaking gender stereotypes, Gift spends her days on the road delivering Freedom pizza across the city. “There’s something about the right pair of shoes.” Comments Gift on the comfort provided by the DailyFit DMX to her daily journey for hours as a delivery rider. “They take you to the right places. It gives you a good start. Considering the nature of my job, it requires me to be always on my feet and always be on the move. DailyFit for me ticks all the boxes for the things I need!”

A day in the life of Gift Solomon with the Reebok DailyFit DMX Video

Introducing Dr. Mai Abdelsalam – Award-winning Orthodontist

Dr. Mai Abdelsalam represents the well-respected medical professionals who are on their feet all day long. With educational background from Cornell University and Harvard, the Egyptian Orthodontist has been practicing for six years now. The dental surgeon’s daily activities include being on her feet as she checks her patients’ dentures to transforms smiles. Dr. Mai has flat foot which requires her additional support to be on her feet for 6 hours daily. “When I tried the shoes, not only are they soft and comfortable, it’s so light! As if you’re not wearing anything!” She says on wearing her pair of DailyFit and now keeps them in her clinic to back her up every day. 

A day in the life of Dr. Mai Abdelsalam with the Reebok DailyFit DMX Video

Introducing Huda Al Matroushi – First Emirati Women Mechanic

An unparalleled gender-breaker, Huda Al Matroushi, the 36-year-old challenges established gender perceptions as she makes her mark in an industry that is undeniably dominated by men. Unafraid to get her hands dirty, Huda inspects cars and maneuvers her way out of complicated car mechanisms. Huda has never worn a pair of Reebok shoes before, and when asked what she thought after spending a day wearing the DailyFit DMX, Huda comments, “I’m on my feet for a huge part of the day and I walk over five thousands steps. The softness of the DailyFit DMX not only helps me to walk better but also to stay on my feet all day long.”

A day in the life of Huda Al Matroushi with the Reebok DailyFit DMX Video

The DailyFit DMX is the ultimate shoes for women who want to move through life with balance and purpose, in their own individual way. It is designed for women who are on their feet all-day and lead a multifaceted schedule. 

As these exceptional women challenge the day-to-day definition of femininity, they aim to empower and exude the confidence to be Reebok’s Movement Maker. These women are contemporary testimony: That women are not confined to what society dictates them to be, that they can walk a path they see for themselves and walk at it with grace. As they continuously push the envelope to pave the way for women to be bold and be pioneers in their own right, the DailyFit DMX supports them in their daily strides. With every step taken by these inspiring women, is another step towards a society where there are no boundaries on what one can become.

DailyFit DMX new colorways are now available across selected Reebok Stores and retailers and online partners. 


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