Reebok vs. Prince Announce New Collaboration


Reebok vs. Prince debut a new footwear and apparel collaboration inspired by the tennis court and the vibrant city of Miami, USA. With Reebok and Prince’s shared tennis heritage, this capsule collection is a combination of pop culture, sport, and lifestyle that is fitting for both on and off the court.


Founded in 1970, Prince has become one of the most well-known and reputable tennis brands in the world. In 2019, the brand launched its lifestyle division, Prince Off Court, a new take on the brand’s rich archive of design innovation.


Prince’s Creative Director, David Grutman, partnered with the Reebok team to design the capsule collection. “Prince and Reebok have a great synergy, they are both modern sportswear and lifestyle brands, with an authentic link to the old school throwback days of tennis. I love both of these companies, I love being on the court and I love vintage—everything about this overlap made sense from a personal standpoint, and it has been fun to work with the Reebok team on creating this collab,” says Grutman.

The gender neutral collection features the tennis-inspired Club C Revenge and Club C 85 that blend Reebok’s traditional design elements with Prince’s vibrant colors and logo. Each product was carefully curated to have a fresh, vibrant silhouette with a laidback feel that offers fans a way to uniquely style the one-of-a-kind pieces.


There are two color offerings within the collection featuring the Club C Revenge (AED 499) and Club C 85 (AED 499). The first, offering product in white, bright cobalt, green, and yellow, is inspired by authentic on-court tennis colors. The second color drop, inspired by the hues of Miami, features product in white, rose, teal, and chalk. Both drops feature a Hoodie (AED 475), Long Sleeve Tee (AED 239), Polo Shirt (AED 325), Jacket (AED 475), Shorts (AED 349), T-Shirt (AED 249), Crop Tee (AED 239), Bike Short (AED 249), Cap (AED 165), Duffle Bag (AED 299), and Socks (AED 115).


The Reebok vs. Prince Collection will be available for purchase starting September 10 at Reebok The Dubai Mall in UAE and Reebok the Avenues and 360 Mall in Kuwait.


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