Richard Betts interview

Richard Betts
  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started your journey in the beverages industry?

I started my journey in food and wine as the wine director at The Little Nell in Aspen from 2000 to 2008. My passion for agave spirits led me to create spirits brands Sombra Mezcal and Astral Tequila, as well as the wine companies Betts & Scholl and Scarpetta. My wife, Carla Rza Betts, and I relocated to Amsterdam and co-developed a wine project called “An Approach to Relaxation.” While we thoroughly enjoy Europe, it was hard to find high-quality tequila, which ultimately inspired me and my partner Joe Marchese to create Tequila Komos to drink around the globe.

  • Which life experience or events influenced who you are?

I feel so fortunate to have recognized at an early age that if I’m happy doing something, I’ll do it well. It logically follows that if it’s not fun, I’m not going to thrive. So today, I make the things I love, and it never ever feels like work, it feels instead like a gift. 

A second, and most formative part of my life has been travelling. The opportunity to understand the depth and variety of human experience and reference is just invaluable. It’s been so helpful to me in developing empathy which I think is an essential trait for us all: to be a kind and considerate human is my utmost ambition.

  • Can you share more details about them – what they think, and what they do

Regarding doing what you love and thriving, or the opposite; my middle school German language class taught me this. I dreaded it and thus it wasn’t my strongest subject, to say the least. Of course, travel can really open your eyes, but you have to be willing to let it all in. I’m a big believer that expectation can frequently lead to disappointment. So, when I travel I really try to understand the place as the locals do and to make time to really understand their point of view and why they feel the way they do.

  • Can you tell us more about the founding of the company and you’re thinking behind creating such a unique line of Tequila?

I love tequila first and foremost because it embodies so much of my first love, Mexico. Add to that the fact that it’s an upper, a party starter, and it’s my favorite thing to drink. Komos is all about leaning into occasion and leaning on my winemaking expertise. Regarding occasion, we draw inspiration for our production from the places where we actually enjoy tequila: the beach, by a pool, on a boat, at parties, in clubs, fine restaurants, and friends’ homes. Collectively we think of this good living as part of a mediterranean lifestyle. When we look at that lifestyle, it also has a strong affiliation with wine and so we thought why not lean on some of those techniques to craft something beautiful, subtle, complex and utterly compelling. That’s Komos.

  • What made you choose Dubai as your 2nd market? 

Dubai is a vibrant and booming market, where there is a robust appetite for carefully-crafted spirits such as Tequila Komos. As we were considering expansion beyond the Americas, Dubai felt like a perfect fit for our premium portfolio of highly-rated tequila. 

  • What are you looking forward to in the Middle East market?

Our intent was always to bring Tequila Komos to international markets, and the Middle East is certainly primed for high-quality, ultra-luxury tequila. As locals and visitors lean into occasion in this part of the world, we felt it was the appropriate time to bring Komos to market there.


  • You are introducing three distinguished products in the market, are you working on any new notes as well?

Actually yes, we have two more very limited and very special expressions in the works. They’re secrets for now, but you’ll see them in early 2023.

  • Is there anything unique you KOMOS will be bringing to the market?

The Tequila Komos portfolio is truly unique in and of itself. It blends the art of traditional tequila-making with global winemaking techniques, setting each expression apart from other tequila on the market. 

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