Rinaldy Yunardi: A story of passion leading to a journey of success.

Rinaldy Yunardi

Fashion designer Rinaldy Yunardi is internationally renowned for creating masterpieces and has carved his name in the international fashion scene with Hollywood A-listers such as Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Madonna.
He creates masterpieces like no other. Rinaldy’s journey started with designing unique accessories and his passion kept pushing him up the ladder of success. We got the chance to chat with Rinaldy about his joy in designing and how he continuously keeps taking steps further into the world of fashion.
How do you describe yourself to Victor readers?
I’m a milliner, fashion accessories and lighting designer from Jakarta, Indonesia. I was born in Medan in 1970, the third born and youngest in my family. I started my fashion career in 1996 designing wedding tiaras that soon expanded to fashion accessories, millinery and art lighting.
What sparked your interest in fashion?
I graduated from high school in 1990 and worked as a salesperson at Kim Thong, one of Indonesia’s first bridal tiara designers. Thereafter, I worked for my brother’s electronics factory, which turned out to be an unexpected gift from God. One day, I came across some tools like wires, acrylic and solder and started playing around with the tools in the production area. I experimented with making Victorian- style tiaras and promoted them to different bridal designers. This was how my atelier producing millinery and haute-accessories was born.
What was your inspiration for your collections/designs?
The source of inspiration is endless as I believe it is found in everything and everywhere; it can be nature, philosophy, technology, history and various cultures. I’m from Indonesia and we are the largest archipelago in the world with an immense wealth of cultures and stories. I am also inspired by women, their strength and the roles they play in society. If there was a person that always inspires my work, it would be my Late Mother.

What story are you telling about the women who wear your designs?
As I mentioned, women are a source of inspiration for me, they are incredible beings and I want them to be confident, bold and feel beautiful. I create designs for many different types of women and through my designs, I try to enhance their personalities not overshadow them, I want them to feel special when they wear a Rinaldy Yunardi piece.
When starting a new collection, where do you begin?
I like to experiment with different techniques for my collections and use interesting types of material to make them unique.
What advice would you give other young designers hoping to make it in the fashion world?
I would say be consistent and mindful of the quality of your product creations. This is of utmost importance for any fashion designer.
As an Accessories maestro, how do you design your pieces when styling the dresses?
I design my pieces according to the designer’s theme for their clothing collection. First I try to understand the story behind the collection and then I select materials and design pieces that I feel would best deliver the story.
Where would you like your business to be in 10 years time?
For the past 20 years, I focused on collaborations with designers in the Indonesian fashion industry. In 2014, I decided it was time to spread my wings internationally and appointed Faye Liu from The Clique as my international fashion director and brand ambassador. The Clique is a brand management, brand consulting and PR agency based in Hong Kong and they represent Rinaldy Yunardi on all international collaborations and projects. I have worked with international celebrities on special projects and promoted my products overseas through them.
I am pleased that my accessories are sold to clients in the Middle East, Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the USA. Together with The Clique, my long term goal is to build Rinaldy Yunardi into a luxury international lifestyle brand.

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